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AITSCC.COM Andy Ireland AITSCC Method Forex System Review

Andy Ireland is one of the only people to have truly brought out a Forex course that actually works AITradesafe. Now Andy has brought out an additional method called: AITSCC, which trades using the news – totally unheard of before.

What does the product offer?

AITSCC is the latest offering from Andy, in which the information goes against what most people teach when trading Forex, which Andy calls a truly ‘set-and-forget’ system of generating profits. Basically, and even happens once a month in the US, where a publication is release. The contents of this publication can make the recipient up to £1165 per month, when used in conjunction with what Andy reaches in the new method.

How does the product work?

The product works by acting on Andy’s information in the method. Then once this publication gets released in the US, you simply act on the advice given. The publication is certain news that is released, and this information is what will be used to make the stated, and claimed profits. Now, this is highly unusual, because most people who trade Forex, or have traded Forex in the past will know that it is never advisable to trade after a news release of any kind, mainly due to the fact that the markets become volatile, and difficult to predict – BUT, Andy has found a way around that, and create a method which guarantees a profit.

Andy Ireland AITSCC Method
Andy Ireland AITSCC Method

What is the initial investment?

The is a risk free investment to try out AITSCC for just £69.95. And as with all of Andy’s courses, which are also promoted by Tim Lowe, there is a 100% money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

The rate of return advertised is a profit of up to £1165 per month.


Andy’s previous course AITrdaesafe is now into it’s second year of publication with many of the initial members still reporting profits, and with a continual subscription.  If what Andy teaches didn’t work, then people would simply cancel their involvement, and the course would close. This of course, has not happened, and his teachings are still going strong, which include live seminars, and advice on how to make profit on a daily basis.

Andy comes across as very down to earth, and a likable character, with a definite interest in helping others succeed, and together with his track record of success, and the money back guarantee of offer, we would have to recommend this method.  There is nothing to lose.


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hi andy, i have mislaid my password, silly i know,could you please tell me how i can get a new one. best regards genghis

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