Alan Wood Racing Review

Alan Wood Racing is a horse racing tipster service which is offered by the eponymous Alan Wood. The service is managed by tipster stable Tipster Street.

Introduction to Alan Wood Racing

Tipster Street say that Alan Wood’s philosophy is “Value, Value, Value”. That’s a lot of value, and it is definitely a good thing to see. Value tends to bring profit and that is ultimately why any of us are involved with this. Of course value also comes with potential problems. Low strike rates, long waits before wins and betting banks taking a battering.

Before I start to look at Alan Wood Racing in detail though, I want to leave you with the final thoughts of the Tipster Street team. They say that Alan Wood has built up a strong following during his time with them (which has been a decent period of time). So much so that, and I am quoting here, “we expect him to become one of the leading tipsters on our platform in the coming months”. For a stable with __ tipsters, that is a very bold statement. With that in mind, let’s look at whether or not Alan Wood Racing is delivering here and now.

What Does Alan Wood Racing Offer?

I feel like I may have been a little hard on Alan Wood Racing in my introduction. The truth is that in a lot of ways, there is a fair amount to get excited about here. Alan Wood has put together a consistent service and it is in that consistency that I feel the key appeal lies. In terms of the logistics, Alan Wood Racing is a near daily tipster service. Each day there are typically just two tips which are sent out. These go out via email, as you would expect, as well as being uploaded to a members area.

The content of the emails of a decent enough quality which is definitely a check in the win category. These are advised as win or each way bets and come with advised stakes (I will talk about this a little more shortly). Where Alan Wood Racing really stands out for me is the odds that you are betting on. The fact that Alan Wood likes value can be seen in average odds of 10.25 and winners as high as 51.0. Again, all of this is a definite positive.

alan-wood-racing-reviewThe staking plan that is in place for Alan Wood Racing is where things start to become a little shakier for me. Especially once it is put into a bigger picture. Stakes are usually recommended as either 2 points or 4 points on a given bet. These can be on a win or distributed across each way bets. The important part is that these numbers do not generally change.

If the above stakes sound reasonable, it is worth applying them to an average strike rate of just 15.3%. Losing streaks are prevalent and you do not have to look very far at all to find them. Without looking too hard, I was able to find a series of 9 losing bets, followed by an each way placing for 1.4 points of profit, immediately followed by an additional 10 losses in a row. In this regard, Alan Wood Racing can become very expensive.

How Does Alan Wood Racing Work?

Rather disappointingly, about all that we are told about the selection process for Alan Wood Racing is that it is value based (in case you had missed that fact by now). This is all well and good, and to be fair to Tipster Street, they are not misleading anybody as it is apparent that the bets are doing their job. Unfortunately, for my money, simply saying that bets are based around value isn’t good enough.

I don’t expect Alan Wood to be spilling the secrets behind Alan Wood Racing. That wouldn’t be fair on anybody. I do however believe that everybody is entitled to make an informed purchase and a part of this is having enough information to ensure that somebody isn’t simply backing every long shot in the UK  (to be clear, I don’t think that this is the case with Alan Wood Racing, although I have looked at services before now which I am pretty sure that is the case).

What is the Initial Investment?

There are 3 different options if you want to sign up to Alan Wood Racing. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced at £19.95 per month. The next subscription is a quarterly option which is priced at £39.95 per. Finally, you can sign up to Tipster Street’s VIP Club. This currently gives you access to all of their tipsters, premium support and access to new tipsters. It is important to note however that if this last offer is tempting, Tipster Street are planning on changing the terms to their top ten performing tipsters.

alan-wood-racing-review-pricesShould you opt for the monthly or the quarterly subscription, both options come with a 30 day trial which is priced at just £4.99. All options are payed through Paypal and there is no money back guarantee in place.

What is the Rate of Return?

Since December of 2017, Alan Wood Racing has pulled in a very admirable profit of 243.89 points. This is a very strong result for 8 months into the year and is representative of how value can work well. Especially when you factor in that two of these wins produced 100 points and 120 points. On top of this, the ROI for the service stands at an equally impressive number, 33.64%.

alan-wood-racing-bank-growthConclusion to Alan Wood Racing

Alan Wood Racing has had a fair old run out  by now and I think that it is fair to say that it is a very strong offering. The points profit is very respectable and the ROI is one of the strongest that I have looked at for some time. All of these are massive positives and whilst I am going to have to go over some of the negatives surrounding Alan Wood Racing, they are ultimately what matters and that must be kept in mind.

There are a few points to be made in terms of looking at the negatives surrounding Alan Wood Racing. The main one that I want to talk about is the staking plan. All bets are 2 or 4 points and this can start to add up, especially during the long losing streaks which with a strike rate of 15.3% are inevitable. The fact that there is a 250 point betting bank counts as something, but I do feel that it may limit the amount that most people will be able to bet with (I typically keep a betting bank in mind of £1,000).

Now I want to qualify all of this by saying that I do like Alan Wood Racing, and this is in no small part down to the value for money. £20 per month is not a lot to ask for a tipster service. £40 per quarter is even less. This is a difficult service to follow and will not be for everybody, but if you are willing to keep a long term view then I can’t think of many tipsters that provide more bank for your buck. Consider that even using monthly subscriptions, you would need to bet just 50p per point in order to cover your subs.

Looking at this bigger picture, Alan Wood Racing is definitely worth your consideration, however there are two types of people I can see really this appealing to. The first is those who are looking for something that is going to bring in the occasional big win. A more casual punter who is ultimately betting more for fun than profit. The other is somebody who has a longer term approach. For both camps though, Alan Wood Racing will require discipline. If you can keep on top of this and the stakes, this is a winner in my book.


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