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All Star Racing Review

All Star Racing is a horse racing tipster service from Pierce Jones and Circle Media that he says uses a betting robot of his own design to identify selections.

What does the product offer?

All Star Racing is a tipster service that appears to offer it subscribers daily selections for horse racing across the UK. Pierce Jones says that tips will usually be sent out around 7am or 9am depending on which part of Pierce Jones’ rather dubious marketing. All Star Racing presents its selections as either back to win, each way and lay bets with each bet colour coded on the email showing you what kind of bet to place, with All Star Racing generating around 2-5 bets per day for subscribers. According to Pierce Jones you will be typically backing longer odd horses although there I no proofing to find an accurate range.

How does the product work?

Pierce Jones says that he has personally put £5,000 into developing the robot that generates selections for All Star Racing. Unfortunately the fact that selections are allegedly picked by a computer programme is as close as you get to any information on the ins and outs of All Star Racing. Instead the focus is on a tale about parents with gambling addictions and the financial difficulties that came with it until ultimately, Pierce Jones decided he was going to win that money back from the bookies. Given the fact that All Star Racing is registered to Circle Media, I am rather disinclined to view this as anything other than less than stellar copywriting.

What is the initial investment?

Pierce Jones claims that All Star Racing was at some point sold for £500 before bringing the price down to £50. It is now ultimately available for a one time fee of £25 although it seems likely that the higher prices are just part of the crude marketing that All Star Racing employs. This comes with a 60 day money back guarantee as All Star Racing is sold through Clickbank.

What is the rate of return?

The headline for All Star Racing claims that you can expect to make £7,300 per month by following the tips that are sent out to subscribers. Unfortunately there is no proofing to be found and as such I would take this with a very healthy dose of salt.


Realistically All Star Racing seems very unlikely to work as advertised and given the content creators, I’m unfortunately not overly surprised by this. Circle Media are hit and miss at best and All Star Racing definitely seems to err towards the latter option. The fact is that there is no evidence whatsoever that All Star Racing works outside of a few screenshots of bets and testimonials that I find to be sketchy at best. In fact, that is the single biggest problem with All Star Racing is that everything is easily questionable and it doesn’t do enough to back it up at all. There are plenty of services that are genuine that will make you a reasonable income however I don’t believe that All Star Racing is one of them.



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From: Simon Roberts