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All The Winners Review The Betting Club

All the Winners is a new to market horse racing tipster service which comes from The Betting Club stable of tipsters in conjunction with tipster Ken Clark. It claims to have produced some quite substantial income from small bets.

Introduction to All The Winners

There are a lot of questionable tipster services which currently exist on the wider market. Ken Clark and The Betting Club seem to recognise this fact as well. I say this as it makes up quite a substantial part of the wider marketing for All the Winners.

For example, the headline for the service reads “Sick of Buying Tips From Dodgy Fraudsters That Just Send Losing Tips ALL The Time and Bleed Your Betting Bank Dry”. That is something that I have definitely encountered before now. Interestingly though All the Winners does appear to use a similar template to other examples that I have looked at before now that fit the above description.

So, have The Betting Club and Ken Clark actually broken the mould here? Let’s have a look.

What Does All the Winners Offer?

There is a lot of brash talk about what you can expect from All the Winners. How much of it is actually genuine is something that definitely remains to be seen. What I will say is that logistically, Ken Clark isn’t really doing anything that breaks the mould here.

This means that All the Winners subscribers can expect to deal with the typical “independent” tipster operation of daily selections, all of which are issued directly via email. All that you have to do, is follow Ken Clark’s (somewhat limited) advice and The Betting Club claim that you will start making money.

Moving on to the bets themselves, Ken Clark is doing nothing with All the Winners that hasn’t been seen a number of times before. This means that you are dealing exclusively with win bets. These cover a reasonable range of odds although the sales material for All the Winners seems to suggest that much bigger wins are commonplace.

In terms of the volume of bets, Ken Clark and The Betting Club are operating a pretty straight forward affair with All the Winners having just 2-5 selections on a given day.

You would be forgiven for thinking that there is a legitimate staking plan in place for All the Winners. Ken Clark has come up with something, but honestly, I am not certain what angle The Betting Club have here. We are told that there are no minimum or maximum staking requirements.

Supposedly you can “You can start from as little as £1 or bet as much as you like” (per point) , with the actual staking plan coming courtesy of Ken Clark’s advice. This is an area that I am yet to see anything expansive from All the Winners and as such, I view his with some degree of cynicism longer term.

All of this leads me to the strike rate, or more realistically, the lack thereof for All the Winners. We are told that there is a strike rate of 64%, however this is based off a very small sample of data that if genuine, is likely to be cherry picked.

We are also told by Ken Clark and The Betting Club that over the last 12 months, 11 of them have been profitable. There is no information on what kind of loss has been incurred, I would like to note, nor is there any evidence to back any of this up. This only nails home the aforementioned point about All the Winners no having ay proofing, despite a clear claim that Ken Clark has been running it for at least a year.

How Does All the Winners Work?

You would be forgiven for expecting a decent amount of information about how All the Winners works.

There certainly isn’t enough data provided to allow you to get a decent picture so surely, it seems reasonable to say, Ken Clark and The Betting Club will provide at least a somewhat detailed account of the selection process. Instead, we are simply told that Ken Clark has been testing and tweaking the method behind All the Winners for 12 months with great success.

You don’t have to be particularly astute in order to realise that this doesn’t actually tell us anything about what the selection process for All the Winners actually entrails. This is a massive issue for me, and it is one that can’t even be placed into any kind of context as Ken Clark and The Betting Club don’t actually provide full proofing.

As such, there is no way to get any realistic idea of what to expect for the future, something which is definitely problematic for me. I don’t believe that a tipster should be giving away their system in full, I would typically expect something and All the Winners doesn’t deliver on this.  

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two options if you want to sign up for All the Winners, both of which Ken Clark  and The Betting Club claim are substantially discounted. The first option is to subscribe to the service on a month by month basis.

This is charged at £15 (supposedly a discount on the “real” value of £30) plus VAT. Interestingly, this is not a recurring payment. Alternatively, you can sign up to All the Winners for much longer and gain substantially increased value. This means paying £75 to receive Ken Clark’s selections for £75 plus VAT which is an 80% discount on the claimed “real” value of £360.

Both of these options do come with a full 60 day money back guarantee which is backed up by Clickbank. This is rather interesting to me as The Betting Club actually say in the sales material that the refund policy for All the Winners only runs for 30 days.  

What is the Rate of Return?

There are a number of different numbers that are claimed in terms of the income potential for All the Winners. In the headline, Ken Clark and The Betting Club make reference to “OVER £1,500” per month and £18,000 in a year.

All of these numbers are seemingly backed up by the fact that all of the (admittedly questionable) screenshots which are submitted by The Betting Club and Ken Clark make a total profit of £352.98. Whilst there is no denying that these numbers somewhat add up, I am not sold on the fact that these results are something that you can expect in the future, especially when you consider the lack of evidence involved across All the Winners.

Conclusion on the All The Winners Service

There is no denying that All the Winners looks like a very attractive package. Any tipster service that is priced at less than £30 per month starts to look reasonably priced, so at £15 per month, Ken Clark and The Betting Club have put together a very cheap product.

On top of this, the claimed profits are strong whilst still feeling like something that is attainable, at least, if you don’t stop to start working things out. When you do, I feel like the bigger picture starts to present itself and it is quite a sharp contrast.

First of all, I want to address those claimed profits. £1,500 per month would mean 15 points per month at £100 stakes, a feasible target, however I don’t know many people who are betting that much.

Ken Clark makes reference to £5 stakes though and that is what I am going to look at. Using those numbers, the claim is that you can apparently expect to see some 300 points per month as your profit. That is a figure that is far beyond belief. Even using £50 stakes (a number that I believe is still high), you would be looking at 30 points per month. This is hypothetically plausible, but I can’t think of any tipsters that deliver this consistency.  

All of this is concerning, but what is really damning in my opinion isn’t something that most people will have picked up on. The fact of the matter is that I have looked at products from The Betting Club before now and they all follow a similar story, namely that they don’t work longer term.

In fact, most of their services are no longer available not long after the 60 day money back guarantee has expired. I am not saying that they are putting out fraudulent services, I would certainly hope that isn’t the case. But there is no ignoring that they are very active with frequent service launches.

This is enough for me to suggest that All the Winners probably isn’t worth your time. I can appreciate that I may be looking at this from a particularly cynical point of view, but ultimately, I am here to recommend things that I believe work.

In this case, Ken Clark and The Betting Club don’t provide any real evidence to back this up and as such, I can’t bring myself to recommend All the Winners.

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