All Weather Edge Review

All Weather Edge is a horse racing system that has been devised by Richard Parker. The system is based around backing certain trainer’s horses.

What does the product offer?

All Weather Edge claims to offer users an edge in making selections for all weather races. Creator Richard Parker says that the secret to successful betting is to ignore the horses themselves and to instead put the focus on the trainers, particularly when looking at all weather races as this allows the elimination of as many variables as possible.

How does the product work?

Richard Parker says that he has dedicated a lot of time to analysis of horse racing with a focus on all-weather races and that there is a distinctive pattern in terms of certain trainers producing winners. He provides this information and also information on how to ensure that your selections are the most profitable.

What is the initial investment?

Richard Parker has made All Weather Edge available for £27 although at the time of writing if you try to leave you will be offered a reduction in price bringing the cost down to £22.95. There is no money back guarantee in place as All Weather Edge is provided by Betfan.

What is the rate of return?

In terms of rates of return there are none mentioned, something which I find somewhat disconcerting for a money making product. Although I accept that All Weather Edge isn’t a straight forward tipping service (which makes proofing somewhat difficult) there should be at least some idea of what you can expect.


I am a little unsure of what to make of All Weather Edge. I am not convinced by Richard Parker’s claim that the horse is irrelevant, this is blatantly not true and even the best trainer can only do so much. That having been said for a big name such as Betfan to take his service on there must be some merit to it. I am inclined to say that All Weather Edge just about gets by because of who is marketing it, although I would remain very cautious.



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From: Simon Roberts