Alpha Omega Lays Review

Alpha Omega Lays is a horse racing tipster service operated by the Tipster TV arm of the Betfan group. As the name suggests, it aims to provide bettors with quality lay bets.

What does the product offer?

Alpha Omega Lays is a relatively new tipster service under the Tipster TV banner and it is one of the few examples I have looked at from this particular group that deals with lay betting. The service is a relatively straight forward affair however it is worth pointing out that as it is a lay betting service, you will need an account with a betting exchange..

Selections are sent out daily to subscribers with usually no more than 5 selections on a given day. These are almost exclusively lay bets however the tipster behind Alpha Omega Lays as a service admits that there is the odd occasion where he will identify a win bet that is worth a punt.

There are suggested odds to ensure that Alpha Omega Lays doesn’t open you up too much in terms of liability.

The staking plan is generally based around staking single points however it is worth keeping in mind that Alpha Omega Lays can go as high as 5 points per bet. In terms of the strike rate, at the time of writing it currently stands at an average of 78.15% which is a decent figure.

How does the product work?

Unfortunately, there is very little information on what the selection process behind Alpha Omega Lays actually entails. Whilst there are some vague references to systems and time spent betting on horse racing, I feel that there is no choice but to judge Alpha Omega Lays with some scepticism.

What is the initial investment?

Alpha Omega Lays is currently priced at £35 per month (actually 28 days) and £60 per quarter (actually 90 days). It is worth pointing out that as Alpha Omega Lays is a Betfan product, there is no real money back guarantee in place however they do say that they will review requests on a case by case basis.

What is the rate of return?

In terms of the income potential for Alpha Omega Lays, since it launched the service has made an overall profit of 74.38 points. This may not sound too bad however it is approaching half of the peak of 144 points just a few months ago.

Furthermore, if you calculate how Alpha Omega Lays has performed as an ROI, it amounts to just under 4%, far from an inspiring figure.


The problem that Alpha Omega Lays has is the same that a lot of lay betting systems have and that is that when you start to lose out, it can have huge implications.

Somebody who has joined Alpha Omega Lays in the last month or so will have only lost money and when your profits on a bet are just 1 point a time, this can quickly mount up. Combine this with the fact that Alpha Omega Lays just isn’t that cheap and you are left with a product that for me, simply isn’t worth the money.


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