Alun Hill Online System Review

Alun Hill Online System us a product by the eponymous Alun Hill that is currently being marketed through Oliver Goehler that claims to be able to make money through a site that “you probably haven’t heard of”.

What does the product offer?

At first glance the sales material for Alun Hill Online System definitely makes it look like you are on to something interesting, new and exotic. Alun Hill is quick to dismiss the usual platforms for making money online claiming to have found something seemingly untapped and brand new that doesn’t involve Facebook, Clickbank, ebay or Amazon. In terms of what you get, Alun Hill Online System is spread over a relatively short presentation (just under 3 hours) which shows you not just the site that Alun Hill uses, but how to leverage it to make money. These range from “the big reveal” to information on creating your own products at home and even how to market your product using “magic word[s]” and utilising a “psychological glitch”.

How does the product work?

Obviously the majority of the hype around Alun Hill Online System is what the website that you use is and having researched it intensively I am inclined to believe that it is, a website where Alun Hill has a number of training courses on offer. The courses on offer aren’t dissimilar to something that you would expect to see through Clickbank covering topics like selling stock images, marketing through YouTube and running an affiliate based business.

Anyone can sign up with Alun Hill Online System and make a course based off what you know and start selling it, apparently.

What is the initial investment?

Oliver Goehler and Alun Hill are charging the not inconsiderable sum of £197 for access to Alun Hill Online System. Furthermore, they say that this is a very reasonable price. It is worth pointing out that Alun Hill Online System does come with a full 90 day money back guarantee should you find that Alun Hill Online System isn’t working for you. You will have to claim this from the vendors directly.

What is the rate of return?

This is a difficult thing to gauge how much something like Alun Hill Online System can really make you but I feel like the short answer is going to be that it will vary hugely from month to month. Alun Hill does talk about making £600 plus per day however this seems very unrealistic to me.


Whilst the method of delivery is something that I haven’t been seen before, the details of Alun Hill Online System aren’t really demonstrate that this isn’t anything new. In fact, I don’t think that it’s an unreasonable statement to say that this kind of thing has been done several times before. What you are doing is making your own information products and simply selling them on and there are numerous guides to doing just this for a lot less than Alun Hill Online System.

This means that personally, I wouldn’t spend more than I have to and Alun Hill Online System falls very much into this category of excessive pricing.



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Alun Hill has various sc*ms. One of them being “his” mentoring method for which he charges $3000. There has been a number of complaints about him being a poor mentor even from the times when he was on udemy. I’d say stay away, there is a blogger who recently got sc*mmed by him. This market needs more trustworthy people, not just great marketers who go around selling the idea and then don’t really guide people. I hope his “mentorship” either gets better or disappears.

I’m currently under his “mentorship” if that’s what you call it. Stay away from this guy. When you sign on to his mentorship program he promises that you’ll make $250,000 USD in the first year but spends all of his time “mentoring” you trying to find ways in which you’ve breached the contract. You get little information and no guidance. In most of your correspondence to him he will spend it pointing out the ways in which you did something wrong with no information on how to correct it. Then he’ll tell you how much of a failure you are and how you’re breaching the contract by not following his rules. DO NOT waste your time, or money with this guy he’s a total fra*d! FYI if you want his “secret” on making an ecommerce store he just points you to shopify training, so just go there and save yourself $3000.

Hi there. I’m under his mentorship too at the moment. I’m finding it really hard, and I find him illusive when it comes to his mentorship. How did you do in the end?

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