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Amazon Link Engine Review

Amazon Link Engine is a WordPress Plugin from Georiot that allows you to have your Amazon affiliate links redirected to the local Amazon site for your visitors.

What does the product offer?

Amazon Link Engine is a simple plugin for any WordPress website that you use that takes advantage of Amazon’s affiliate program. Georiot say that by using Amazon Link Engine you can redirect overseas visitors to the relevant Amazon website based on their location.

How does the product work?

When a visitor clicks your Amazon affiliate link they would usually be taken to the geographical Amazon that you use. This has the downside of potentially losing business outside of your territory or people simply clicking off. By redirecting you to the correct locale, Amazon Link Engine should help you to keep people onside and ultimately proceed with a purchase.

What is the initial investment?

Amazon Link Engine is an entirely free WordPress plugin so there is very little reason not to get this, especially if you are involved in this niche.

What is the rate of return?

There isn’t any claimed return for Amazon Link Engine however there is definitely a potential to see conversion improved as you shouldn’t be losing users from different countries.


Amazon Link Engine is free to access and does a simple job well. By now it will be very clear to you if it is something that you will get use of and whilst there is no cost involved it is simply a case of being realistic. If you currently use Amazon’s affiliate program in any way, shape or form then it is well worth it. If you aren’t then whilst there is nothing to lose in installing the plugin, it is just more clutter to deal with.



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From: Simon Roberts