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Amway Review MLM

Amway are an American multi level marketing company that provide a massive range of products that are designed to improve people’s lifestyles.

The Company

Amway (short for American Way) was founded in 1959 in Michigan by Steve Van Andel and Dough DeVos. Since then Amway has gone on to become one of the largest and most successful multi level marketing companies in the world with annual income in excess of $10 billion. They trade successfully in over one hundred countries across the globe from the Asia to South America.

The Product

Amway sell so many different types of products that frankly, it would be a considerable task to list them all. The core of the business is a range of nutritional supplements sold under the branding of Nutrilite. There are also a range of beauty products including skincare, make up and fragrances. Amway also sell their own range of products for the home which covers cleaning products as well as kitchenware. These are far from the only products that Amway sell however and the complete range seems to be a big part of their success.

How to Apply

Application to become a distributor for Amway products is handled online whereby Amway will arrange for an Amway Business Owner (ABO) to contact you and arrange everything. There is full support given from both your ABO and other Amway Agents. There is no cost involved in signing up to become a distributor for Amway.

Earning Potential

The actual amount you can earn through Amway isn’t actually covered and my research didn’t turn up a clear commission model, however Amway do say that the ABO will discuss this with your when signing up. As well as standard commissions there are the usual bonuses for multi level marketing such as holidays and bonus cash.


Amway are a huge company and the range allows you to market at a much broader group than most multi level marketing companies. It is unfortunate that the commission structure isn’t transparent but this is likely to encourage you to contact them. Amway have been accused of being a pyramid scheme on a number of occasions but having looked at this this seems to be down more to the structure than the fact that Amway is a pyramid scheme. There is a strong emphasis on the products and this is what really differentiates a decent multi level marketing company from a pyramid scheme.



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From: Simon Roberts