Andrew’s Forex System Review

Andrew’s Forex System is a set of Forex trading indicators developed by Andrew Sarraf. The indicators are allegedly designed to work on any currency pairs.

What does the product offer?

Andrew’s Forex System provides users with a 17 page document that is designed to introduce users to Forex trading and to understand what they are doing, secondly Andrew’s Forex System gives you access to Andrew Sarraf’s indicators. The software itself is claimed to be easy to use and only requires you to make the trades when told.

How does the product work?

Andrew Sarraf says that Andrew’s Forex System is the result of several years of trial and error in generating a consistent Forex trading method. Ultimately Andrew’s Forex System utilises ongoing trends in order to predict market movements.

What is the initial investment?

Andrew Saraff has made Andrew’s Forex System is available for a one off payment of $97. As Andrew’s Forex System is sold through ClickBank there is a 60 day money back guarantee in place.

What is the rate of return?

According to Andrew Saraff, Andrew’s Forex System has been able to produce a consistent profit of 800 pips per month. Any pounds and pence valuation for this would be entirely dependent on the initial investment.


Andrew’s Forex System doesn’t rely on overly brash claims and there is a sense of realism to the product. Whereas some marketers would try and claim thousands of dollars per day or millionaire status overnight, Andrew Saraff is somewhat more reserved. This (for met at least) allows me to put a little bit more trust in Andrew’s Forex System than normal.

I still don’t believe that there exists a fool proof way of Forex trading but I believe that with a 60 day money back guarantee, Andrew’s Forex System may be worth a look.



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