Andy Bell Racing Review

Andy Bell Racing is a very long standing horse racing tipster service which is operated by the Betfan group. Selections come courtesy of the eponymous Andy Bell.

What does the product offer?

Every now and then there are services which come along that can only be described as prolific. Andy Bell Racing is one of them and I am actually rather excited to be having a look at this. I want to preface the article with a few points. First of all, I know that Andy Bell has been running this service for over 5 years now and as such, it is not the most up to date product on the market. The thing is, Andy Bell Racing has been enjoying what can only be described as a little bit of a second renaissance (following years of consistent bank growth) and is currently being recommend by a few sources.

One of the things which definitively stands out about Andy Bell Racing for me is that this it is one of the earliest Betfan products to market and this shows in the marketing It is actually quite reserved, especially compared to newer offerings. This doesn’t however mean that it is without its share of boasting. Honestly though, the sales page is so outdated now that I will not be looking at it too much at all.

So what exactly is Andy Bell Racing?

To call it one of, if not the most, prolific horse racing tipster services online seems like a genuinely fair statement. Anybody who knows me will attest that this isn’t a statement that is made lightly. In terms of what you are getting, Andy Bell Racing is a very typical daily tipster service. Selections are made available each day (with plenty of time to place bets) and are sent out via email as well as being uploaded to a member’s area on the Betfan website.

Generally speaking, you will receive few selections from Andy Bell each day.

A lot of the time there is just one or two and whilst the quantity can get higher than this, it is definitely not common. In terms of the bets that you are placing, there is a solid mixture of win bets and each way with a possible bias towards the latter. One of the stand out aspects of Andy Bell Racing is the odds that you are advised to back horses at with Andy Bell rarely looking at favourites.

All of this leads to the numbers side of things. There is a staking plan in place for Andy Bell Racing which does vary somewhat from the typical Betfan affair of 5 points per bet. Instead, Andy Bell recommends staking between 1 and 5 points when he sends out selections. Whilst this range does exist on paper, it is worth pointing out that Andy Bell Racing does typically involve staking towards the higher end of this scale.

Given that Andy Bell Racing has been running for so long I was expecting the strike rate to have slipped a little bit. Instead, it is a hugely respectable 34.22%. Whilst there are each way bets to add to this number, the fact that it has been maintained for over 5 years is a massive feat in and of itself. Combine it with the fact that Andy Bell Racing has made a profit and it is doubly impressive.

How does Andy Bell Racing work?

In terms of the selection process there is rather unfortunately not a whole lot said. At least, there isn’t in terms of the specifics. The general gist of things is that Andy Bell knows horse racing and has been involved with some of the biggest names involved in betting over the last few decades. This has resulted in a lot of gained knowledge and whilst I generally believe in some cynicism, the results for Andy Bell Racing speak volumes.  

What is the initial investment?

Betfan products do not tend to be cheap and Andy Bell Racing is no different in the main. There are three subscription lengths available which are monthly (which is actually every 28 days), quarterly (which is every 90 days) and finally a 6 monthly subscription. These are priced at £58, £130 and £199 respectively. Obviously the 6 month option represents the best value out of all of these.

Because Andy Bell Racing is a Betfan product, this means that there is no real money back guarantee in place unfortunately. The team say that they will review any refund requests, however these are not typically granted.

What is the rate of return?

Since launching in June of 2013, Andy Bell Racing has produced an incredibly strong points profit of 1476.26.By June of last year (4 years in), Andy Bell Racing had made 1079.57 points of profit which means almost 400 points in the last 9 months or so. What I find to be particularly impressive however is that over such a long proofing period, Andy Bell Racing has maintained an ROI of 9.65%.


One of the things that it is very difficult to find in a any tipster service is consistency and yet, here is Andy Bell offering almost 5 years of juts that. Being honest, I cannot think of many other services, if any at all, that have come close to achieving what Andy Bell Racing dos and this is something that is impossible to take away.

What really stands out for me though isn’t just the consistency, but the high standards of profit which have been earned.

The fact of the matter is that looking at other products (even those within the Betfan group), you could be forgiven for thinking that an ROI that is just shy of 10% isn’t great. The fact of the matter is however that this is almost 4 times what most banks would generate in terms of interest. Obviously there is more risk etc. but as a long term thing, it does paint Andy Bell Racing in a better light.

I do feel that if there is one criticism in particular that needs to be raised in terms of Andy Bell Racing it is the cost.

On a monthly or even a quarterly basis, I believe that Betfan are asking a lot. If however you opt to sign up for 6 months (which I believe the proofing has demonstrated is a worthwhile investment) then it represent fantastic value, despite the initial upfront payment. There is also the point that staking 5 points on a race can prove expensive.

The truth is that there are pros and cons to everything and Andy Bell Racing is no different For me, it is incredibly impressive how well Andy Bell has done over the time he has been running his service. I also believe that there is a bit of an upturn in the results which again, has been demonstrated somewhat consistently with a number of winning months.

This tells me that f you are interested in Andy Bell Racing, now is the right time to get involved.  Unfortunately, this does entail a decent investment and time in order to get going properly. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there have been many bad times to sign up to the service, but now is probably a better time than most.


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