Angel Business Club Review

Angel Business Club is a service which provides investment opportunities to their subscribers. The general focus on the service is on start up investments.

What does the product offer?

Despite all of the rubbish that I look at, there are certain products which are actually very different to most and as such, rather exciting. You see, whilst the focus of my reviews tends to be gambling there are a lot of different ways of making money online. Investment opportunities are one such area however it is also much trickier to look at products and services in this area for a number of reasons, most of which are based around the genuineness of said service. This is in turn linked to the fact that most services claim long term investment and so they can run for some time before anybody catches on to potential problems.

Of course, in with all of this there have to be genuine products as well. These again carry mixed results depending on how they trade. Some services will charge a lot for investment advice in big companies with steady growth, however anybody with a news feed can generally make this kind of call themselves (Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet etc.).

Others, and I am finally getting round to Angel Business Club in this, look at smaller companies. Most involve themselves with penny shares (most well known as the type of shares featured in the Wolf of Wall Street). Angel Business Club differentiates itself from this kind of service however by focusing on startups and being involved with that process.

All of this is rather promising however I acknowledge that I have not really sat down to tackle what Angel Business Club is. They describe themselves as follows: “The Angel Business Club is a private members’ club intended for individuals who wish to exchange information and market knowledge about participating in the growth of businesses”.

This is some pretty heavy lifting compared to a lot of things that I look at however it is definitely worth consideration, especially for longer term investors (for reasons that I will get to later).

It is worth taking the time now to talk about the fact that Angel Business Club is a genuine business. The organisation is registered with the FCA which ensures that everything is above board. More than this however, the wider firm behind the service (Angel Equity International Ltd) and Angel Business Club themselves have a team in place with an incredibly strong background in finance as well as other professions and industries.

This is a long way from a supposed city trader deciding that they want to release a Forex service on their own.

Putting all of this into layman’s terms, it provides opportunities to become invested in various different start up companies in the form of angel investing.

This is something that is generally not open to the general public as the requirements of businesses that are looking to raise market capital are looking for amounts that you or I cannot afford. Think about the amounts that the guys on Dragon’s Den (or Shark Tank for any readers in the US) get asked for and you can understand why this method of investment is “off limits” to most investors.

There are many other aspects to Angel Business Club however with a lot of different methods of investment as well as advice on how to facilitate it. To talk about everything however would take a hell of a long time (I am quite confident that I would have to put in at least a weeks work to cover everything).

With this in mind, I have chosen to focus on the primary service and avoid too much detail, although I may come back to Angel Business Club at a later date in order to provide a much more in depth look.

How does the Angel Business Club work?

In order to provide understanding of how Angel Business Club works, I want to talk a little bit about angel investors. These investors generally target smaller start up companies.

These can be in a variety of industries however in the case of Angel Business Club, there are a number of references made to retail (with several directors across the wider zz having a background here). The idea behind angel investments is that they are generally accepted to be high risk, however because you are getting in at the ground floor, the potential for growth is massive (consider that within the US, the majority of angel investment is based around Silicon Valley where tech firms can often explode or exponentially increase in value off the back of patents).

When you sign up to Angel Business Club, you are helping to fund angel investments however these do not happen directly. Rather than owning shares, you instead receive “share entitlements allocations”. These are paid out depending on which membership level you are subscribed to. There is the potential to increase the amount received from these allocations however I will get to this later.

All of this is well and good but without information on how exactly the investment choices are made, I feel that you would be within your rights to be sceptical. I have already touched upon the fact that Angel Business Club is operated by a number of people with a strong background in finances and other industries. These and the teams below them are of course integral to identifying opportunities. Ultimately, this professional knowledge is what you are paying for.

What is the initial investment?

There are a lot of different membership options with Angel Business Club which are ultimately tied to how much you can expect to earn. These look as follows:

  • Membership Level 1 –           £80.00 per month
  • Membership Level 2 –           £131.00 per month
  • Membership Level 3 –           £267.00 per month
  • Membership Level 4 –           £381.00 per month
  • Professional Membership –           £530.00 per month
  • Business Membership –           £680.000 per month
  • Executive Business Membership –           £897.00 per month

There is also an option for students which costs just £26.00 per month however you must be over 18 and hold a student ID. This is entirely subject to approval. There is also a free membership which allows very limited access to the details contained within Angel Business Club.

Because of the nature of Angel Business Club there is no money back guarantee offered. I would expect this however from any above board financial advice service. Especially one of the scope that Angel Business Club is.

What is the rate of return?

There are a large number of factors which will ultimately dictate how much money you can make through Angel Business Club. Members have however supposedly seen gains on their portfolio of between 40% and 70% per annum. This is very strong growth that is substantially higher than you would typically expect to see through the majority of investment opportunities.


Most of my time is spent looking at and analysing what would be referred to as nickel and dime investments. This means scalping through Forex and making quick and short term investments etc. What all of this ends up creating is a method of investing which works well for individual traders or those who have a somewhat limited budget. Angel Business Club is very clearly not aimed at this kind of investor.

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room. If you want to make Angel Business Club work for you, you ideally need to have a lot of money to invest. This is immediately apparent to me when you look at the pricing. £80 per month is quite a lot of money compared to the kinds of services that I look at. Some of the higher prices are more than most people’s mortgage.

This doesn’t however mean that the service is priced beyond the reach of people. I won’t pretend you won’t miss the money (so to speak), but Angel Business Club is still affordable. It also doesn’t mean that the more expensive they aren’t value for money. This is very important to consider when thinking about Angel Business Club.

The kind of person that Angel Business Club is looking to bring on board will have significant investment capital.

They will also view all investments as long term. I know Forex traders who every month are pulling out their winnings as a wage. Angel Business Club is not aimed at these people. And for this kind of person, I believe that there is very genuinely a lot of income potential to be had here.

I also believe that it is important to talk about the existence of the service and the people who are involved. Were Angel Business Club being operated by a guy from his garage (as so many things along these lines are), I would be concerned. In this case however, there is a very strong pedigree (for lack of a better word). The people involved are all traceable and their credentials appear to be genuine.

On top of this, everything is handled through the FCA so you know that the service is held accountable to somebody (as well as exacting certain standards).

If there is one massively apparent flaw with Angel Business Club however which is based around the risk. Now I want to make clear that the risk that is involved is by no means down to the service. It is the nature of the investments that Angel Business Club takes advantage of. You are getting on board with companies at a ground level (without getting into the ownership aspect of the service).

This means that whilst some will do incredibly well, some will inevitably fail. Angel Business Club is ultimately a very speculative investment and whilst you may well end up involved with the next big thing (some of the companies they are involved in are very interesting), the majority of businesses do ultimately fail.

With all of this in mind, do I ultimately think that Angel Business Club is worthwhile? It is very much dependent on your position. This isn’t something that I would put my money into if I were looking to make money for today, or even tomorrow. The name of the game here is clearly long term investment and I genuinely believe that there is potential here for this to be delivered.

This service also requires patience and a big wallet.

If you are looking for a long term investment, then I genuinely believe that Angel Business Club is worth looking into for yourself (if this sounds like a cop out, understand that I wouldn’t dream of  flippantly offering investment advice on something as substantive as Angel Business Club, especially given the nature of the risk).



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