Any Other Win Review

Any Other Win is a long standing football betting system which comes courtesy of a Norwegian gent by the name of Helge. He claims strong historic results as well as a new improved approach for 2018.

Introduction to Any Other Win

Through my line of work, I like to try and be aware of betting services both big and small. The fact of the matter is that it is very easy to see when somebody like Betfan have launched a new service. I say this because my email will inevitably be jammed with claims of hundreds of points in just a few months.

But by and large, I find that some of the of the people who are producing the most consistent results are quite small time and operate under the radar. Through various channels, I have been directed to Any Other Win. This is the definition of a smaller and seemingly independent betting service.

None the less, there is bags of potential in zz’s results to date, and 2018 looks like it may only get better. With this in mind, let’s see whether or not Any Other Win is worth the time and investment.

What Does Any Other Win Offer?

Any Other Win is a bit of a weird amalgamation of betting system and tipster service. I would even go as far as to say that Helge has put together a unique system. Now I want to highlight that these don’t necessarily mean that a product is bad, but there are a lot more factors to be considered when dealing with any betting service, even one that is partial tipster.

One of the first things to address is the work involved, something that as I will get to is very much applicable with Any Other Win.

So, when you make your purchase, you receive a step by step manual which has been authored by zz. This details everything that you need to know about how to trade successfully. You will note that I have said trade here, and that is because Any Other Win does involve some trading elements.

This means a Betfair account (and realistically, it has to be Betfair in order to make Any Other Win work as I will explore) and time to place bets depending on what happens. This means that Any Other Win is not something that is for everybody. As well as this, you can also expect to receive a list of bets to place. Depending on how the game plays out for these, depends on how you bet.

Everything is fundamentally pretty straightforward with Any Other Win. So much so, that zz actively advertises the fact that you can simply trade from your phone. This does take some of the problems with trading out of the equation (i.e. being shackled to a computer at the appropriate times), but it does still mean a lot of work on your behalf.

It is worth noting that Helge’s selection may end up with you trading on a wide variety of games and as such, if you want to really get the most out of Any Other Win, then you may well be betting several times a day.

One element of Any Other Win that I do want to talk about is the strike rate. The service has achieved a striker ate of 85% for 2017 and even 2018 has only seen 14 losing bets between January and the end of August. It is worth pointing out that this is based of Helge’s results and you may well find that yours differs. After all, it is very reasonable to say that the person behind Any Other Win will be better at finding winning bets than somebody starting out.

How Does Any Other Win Work?

Because Any Other Win is a betting system, I am loathe to give away full details of what the service entails. The long and short of it is that I don’t believe that it is right for me to essentially give away what somebody has worked hard to create. In spite of that, I don’t believe that potential punters should be put into a position where they are buying into a service blindly. With that in mind, I will talk about Any Other Win a little, although I won’t give everything away.

As you may have guessed from the strike rate of 85% and the mention of having to use Betfair, Any Other Win is a lay betting service. More specifically, it is based around laying a correct scores.

Each day, you look at the list of selections, bet one way or another depending on what happens in game, and that is about it. Truth be told, there is a bit more to this and zz covers everything very well in the manual, but that needs to be said in order to provide context for some comments that I will make a little later on. What I will say is that Any Other Win definitely has potential if you are in a position to follow zz’s method.

What is the Initial Investment?

Helge is asking £30 per month (plus VAT) in order to get access to Any Other Win. Obviously you get the betting strategy when you first sign up, however the costs are recurring for the monthly selections. I believe that it is quite important to note the fact that Any Other Win is sold through Clickbank. Of course this means a 60 day money back guarantee being in place. To credit Helge, this is pretty well advertised.

What is the Rate of Return?

Since January 2018, zz has guided Any Other Win subscribers to a potential profit of 180 points over 8 months. I use this figure and the 8 month period because the proofing provided only runs till the end of August. Since then, the results have been much more mixed with relatively small profits appearing. This is in no small part down to the fact that Any Other Win is ultimately a lay betting service and so when you lose, you lose big.

Conclusion on Any Other Win

I feel like I have spent a lot of time putting Any Other Win through the wringers but I want to qualify something here and now. This isn’t a bad product. Helge should be very pleased and dare I say proud of what has been achieved. With big enough stakes, Any Other Win can represent a very genuine opportunity for making money. In fact, the sheer fact that the service has maintained a profit over 2018 (not to mention the previous 2 years) is admirable.

With that out of the way, I have to come back and highlight some of the problems, because whilst Any Other Win is successful, I also think that it is somewhat riddled with faults. First of all, there is the amount of work involved.

Any Other Win is both a betting system and a tipster service and I feel like in a strange way, it has combined the worst elements of both of these. Namely, restricted opportunities that can come from tipster services and the work involved with a betting system. This segues into my second point which is the need to be present. The fact that you need to monitor games in order to decide whether to bet just adds another element to me.

All of this is somewhat emphasised by the fact that Any Other Win costs about as much as any other tipster service which is currently on the market. As such, it is difficult to even say that there is value for money to be had there.

As I quite often find myself writing, one of the biggest problems with Any Other Win isn’t that it isn’t good. It is more so that I don’t think it is necessarily good enough. As I have said a number of times now, the tipster market is very competitive and you have to have something quite special to stand out. In the case of Any Other Win, it is definitely different, but not necessarily in the right ways.

Whilst it clearly works for Helge and it may well work for you if you are inclined to try it, for my money, Any Other Win is just too much work for not a lot of reward.

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From: Simon Roberts