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Anyone for Tennis Review Shark Investors Product

Anyone for Tennis is a sports betting tipster service by Stark Investors that claims to offer its subscribers a regular income.

What does the product offer?

If you are looking for a tennis based tipster service then Stark Investors claim that Anyone for Tennis is the service for you. Because of the nature of tennis, Anyone for Tennis tips are not necessarily available every day and odds are actually rather varied ranging from 1.3 to as high as 50/1. Bets are typically backing players to win as well as predicting who will be in events finals. There are also doubles and triples of these bets in order to make up the profit. Staking is advised on a level basis however you could probably get away with a compounding system however loss recovery would likely prove costly. Over the last 6 months Anyone for Tennis has achieved a strike rate of around 34% although this is likely to increase in the summer months.

How does the product work?

Stark Investors say that they have a team of  tennis tipsters advising on Anyone for Tennis which makes it rather difficult to examine the workings. They do however point out that since tennis only has two outcomes, statistics are on your side which to me implies that selections are analysis based. Looking at Anyone for Tennis’ results there is a combination of what I would consider to be “favourite bets” (for example Djokovic, Federer and Sharapova to reach the finals of the French open) and much longer shots that if successful should make for a decent winner which seems to back this theory up.

What is the initial investment?

Anyone for Tennis is sold on a subscription basis with 3 different options available. These are monthly, quarterly and an annual subscription that come at a cost of £49, £99 and £279 respectively. Not surprisingly for a tipster service, Anyone for Tennis comes with no money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

During its rather extensive run (since May 2011) Anyone for Tennis has made a profit of £51,021 based off £100 stakes. In the last 12 month Anyone for Tennis has allegedly generated a points profit of 239.3.


There are definitely things to like about Anyone for Tennis however there are aspects of it that are clearly not for everybody. Whilst selections are made available each month, Anyone for Tennis is predominantly a summer based affair (as you would expect). During this busier period you can expect to see as many as 75 bets per month which at the advised stakes is a lot of money. Whilst this would be expected in horse racing, with tennis there are differences in how you bet with some bets being left open for a number of weeks. The real question surrounding Anyone for Tennis for me is whether or not there is value in the service. As a year round thing, I’m not so certain it is but if you do want to get on board and make the most of the upcoming season, now is probably the right time to sign up.



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