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App Lays is a relatively new horse racing tipster service which is being offered through the Proofed Tipsters platform. As he name of the service suggests, there is a strong focus on lay betting.

Introduction to App Lays 

Anything that comes from Proofed Tipsters has to have a little bit of context provided for the wider platform. Anybody can sign up to be a tipster requiring a period of up to a month to prove themselves. From here, these individuals can reach a wider audience via a managed service.

This means that when you look at App Lays (and products like it), you may well find that the service is somewhat subject to the whims of the individual.

app-lays-review-profits Now, this particular offering seems to have been pretty standardised so far, and the results have plenty of potential in my opinion. With this in mind, let’s see whether or not App Lays is worth following, or whether there is simply to much risk involved.  

What Does App Lays Offer?

Platforms like Proofed Tipsters are undeniably great for tipsters, however they can sometimes create problems for punters. This is mostly down to the fact that they can be a little more lapse in terms of logistics, quality, etc. For example, if you sign up to App Lays, we are told that all tips are posted to a member’s area.

Admittedly, that doesn’t take a substantial amount of work, but with an email based service, you get everything delivered to you that you need. This is undoubtedly frustrating and somewhat inconvenient in this day and age, however it isn’t something that would put me off App Lays in and of itself. I do, however, feel it would be prudent of me not to point out that there are days where there are no bets.

Moving on to the bets themselves, as the name makes clear, App Lays subscribers will exclusively be laying bets. This of course means that an account will be required through a betting exchange.

App Lays is not a massively high volume or niche service and as such, it would be up to you where you chose to bet. As always, Betfair is the place to be for liquidity in the market, whilst something like Smarkets does take a much smaller commission.

From here, there are two things  that I believe should be kept in mind for App Lays. First of all, there is the average odds that you are betting at. According to the proofing from Proofed Tipsters, this stands at 9.41, a number that can become very expensive when a bet doesn’t go your way. Secondly, I want to highlight that this isn’t a massively high volume service. According to the evidence, there have been an average of just 1 or 2 bets on a given day.

App Lays is a lay betting service and as such, there doesn’t tend to be a particular gravitation towards ridiculous staking plans. This is no better with it being advised that simple level stakes of 1 point per bet.

This means that when you pair this number with the rather high average odds that Proofed Tipsters have quoted, there is at least an opportunity to manage your betting bank and limit the potential liability. None the less, even to 1 point bets, you will find App Lays has the ability to become expensive.

Now, to be fair to the tipster behind App Lays, Proofed Tipsters claim a phenomenal strike rate for the service. Since the 1st of December 2018, an average of 91.28% of their selections have won. Now you typically expect a lay betting tipster service to produce a higher strike rate than a win based one, but this number from App Lays is one of the stronger examples that I have seen for some time.

How Does App Lays Work?

Rather unfortunately, there is very little in terms of information about what App Lays actually involves. On the Proofed Tipsters page for the service we are told “APP Lays is a highly researched laying system that targets horses to lose. All selections are analysed by our experienced team”.

You don’t have to be particularly perceptive to see that this doesn’t really tell us anything about the service which is disappointing. As I have said many times, there should be enough information for you to make an informed decision about whether a tipster is for you.

With that having been said, one area where Proofed Tipsters have to be commended as a platform is their detailed records. There is an excel spreadsheet available for App Lays which provides full proofing for the service. This does provide some decent insight into what you can expect in some regards, but truthfully, I would have much preferred to have had that information on the selection process.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to subscribe to App Lays, Proofed Tipsters provide just 2 options. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced somewhat steeply at £39.50. Alternatively, Proofed Tipsters offer a 3 month subscription which is priced at £89.50.

This does technically represent better value for money, however it is still quite expensive.  It is worth noting that because Proofed Tipsters ultimately sell all of their services through Clickbank, there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place should you find that this isn’t for you.   

What is the Rate of Return?

Since it launched, App Lays has produced a profit that is probably best described as modest. This means 60.3 point of profit in about 4 months. Honestly, this is a reasonably respectable number for a lay betting service. This means some 15 points of profit per month which isn’t too bad a return if you are in a position to stake enough. Equally as standout is the ROI for App Lays which stands at around 30%.

Conclusion on the App Lays  service

It is a shame that there aren’t that many lay betting tipsters on the market as when they work, they work well. App Lays is something of an example of this with some surprisingly decent results. I will admit that 15 points per month doesn’t necessarily seem like it’s setting the world alight, but if this can be produced with any kind of consistency (which App Lays seems to be capable of), then you are onto a winner.

Now there are a few things that realistically need to be considered if you want to make the most out of App Lays.

First of all, this is a lay betting service and as such, you have to keep in mind that your liabilities are potentially going to be significantly higher than your stake. This is especially important if you are starting out and anticipating that because you will 9/10 bets, you can chuck more than you have to bet on. As well as that, there is the fact that there will be a limit on your monthly earnings.

On the subject of earnings, I want to talk about whether or not App Lays represents value for money. This is a difficult question for me. On the one hand, App Lays has done a pretty decent job of consistently making money. The one month where there was a loss, it was a small one that was easily absorbed and turned around the month after.

The flip side of that is that there are some restrictions on how much profit can feasibly be generated. Even with a perfect run, the most you could have hoped to make from App Lays (using Betfair commission) is 185.25 points. In fact, this number emphasises just how much that losing 9% of bets have cost. On top of this, Proofed Tipsters are asking a fair whack for the service.

Honestly, lay betting in general is not for everybody. Making money consistently sounds great, but if you’re only making £150 per month, then paying out £40 of that for your subs, is it worth it? For me, I think that you need to have a decent size bank to really make App Lays work for you.

I believe that the strike rate for the service demonstrates that there is a relatively small amount of risk, so long as you can afford those losing bets.

Ultimately, I suppose it is a question of how much you want to make, but I would anticipate betting £25 per point minimum if I wanted to make App Lays worthwhile.


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