Arab Betting Club Review

Arab Betting Club is a new to market horse racing tipster service which is operated by an unnamed tipster. Supposedly, the service is able to generate some huge amounts of profit.

Introduction to the Arab Betting Club 

We all know that there is money in the Middle East. With some of the richest and most successful football teams in the world backed by owners from Saudi Arabia and The United Arab Emirate, Dubai with its constant celebration of opulence and world leading architecture, not to mention Qatar hosting the next World Cup.

What isn’t necessarily so well known is that there is a lot of horse racing that goes on with some of the finest horses in the world coming from Arabic bloodlines. Arab Betting Club is supposedly an organisation that gives you direct access to the inside world of “the Arab Billionaire Racing Scene”. Naturally, this comes with some incredibly huge claims in terms of the income potential, as well as a host of other very interesting statements.

Naturally, I would be happy as Larry if the Arab Betting Club can actually deliver on this, but given the extreme claims made, I am somewhat cynical.

What Does Arab Betting Club Offer?

Where do you start with Arab Betting Club? Supposedly, this is a perfect tipster service for those who are just getting started as it is incredibly simple. And given that the system is broken down into just 5 steps, you would seemingly be right to be excited.

In fact, Arab Betting Club say that you simply have to join them, receive your selections via email each morning, place your bets either online or at your local bookies, win big!, and then collect your money. It is interesting to note that we are told that the tips are “clear and precise”, however I genuinely believe that you could also say that Arab Betting Club’s tips are “minimal”.

Moving on to the bets themselves, what I have seen so far suggests that Arab Betting Club will be exclusively advising win bets to subscribers. This is very much in keeping with their ethos of simplicity.

These are advised at a range of odds, however it is somewhat noteworthy to me that Arab Betting Club doesn’t tend to ever dabble at extreme highs and lows. Given how the service supposedly works (which I will get to), this is somewhat surprising. Finally, I want to talk about the volume of bets that are advised.

This can vary day to day, however Arab Betting Club say that if you want to make “the most money”, then you should place at least two bets per day. But you can also bet more or less. This seems like a strange approach for a tipster service.

Sticking with that idea of placing as many or few bets as you please, I see no reason (in theory) why you wouldn’t want to back the maximum number of bets per day. After all, Arab Betting Club is claimed to have a strike rate of 60-70%.

You would have to be backing horses at very low odds in order to ensure that this isn’t a profitable venture for you. It is worth noting however that there is no actual evidence or proofing provided by Arab Betting Club to back this number up. Which isn’t surprising.

Talking of things that aren’t provided, there is also no real staking plan for Arab Betting Club. This is one of those things that is massively important in this case given the overwhelming claim of income potential for the service.

Without any context, the number is even more meaningless than I feel like it would be with context. If I were going to follow Arab Betting Club (which I wouldn’t, but more on that later), I would probably look at a 150 point betting bank and level stakes of 1 point. This mostly boils down to the fact that I haven’t seen anything close to the claimed strike rate for Arab Betting Club.

How Does Arab Betting Club Work?

Put bluntly, Arab Betting Club is supposedly based around inside information. More specifically, there is a story that I’ve probably, quite literally, heard a thousand times by now. It just takes place in the Middle East rather than the UK.

The person who is behind Arab Betting Club (who remains anonymous) claims that he worked for a stable owner who was a founding member of a “secret organisation [that] was a nameless society of rich Arab stable owners”. These supposedly built up connections and monopolised big horse racing events by cooperating with peers and avoiding direct competition.

When you sign up to Arab Betting Club, you are supposedly being fed the same information that the Sheikhs who are seemingly ultimately behind the organisation have access to.

When you sign up for the service, you are paying a small fee so that the Arab Betting Club can continue to pay off its insiders in other stables etc. all of whom supposedly supply information. Tis includes “trainers, bookies, jockeys, race tracks owners, and even the English royal family”. I am massively unconvinced by any of this and it is worth noting that there is absolutely zero evidence provided to back any of these claims up.  

What is the Initial Investment?

Supposedly, signing up to Arab Betting Club under normal circumstances would cost you £126.99 (a very low number for paying off members of the Royal Family who are in a position to feed genuine information to an elite cabal of horse owners from the Middle East, but I digress). Fortunately, at the time of writing, we are being offered a limited time offer whereby you can buy a lifetime of access to the Arab Betting Club for just £26.99 (plus VAT).

It is worth noting that this does come with a full 60 day money back guarantee as Arab Betting Club is being sold through the Clickbank platform.

What is the Rate of Return?

Supposedly, you can expect to make £1,000,000 in a year through Arab Betting Club. In fact, we are told that “you WILL EASILY make more than £1,000,000 this year!”.

I have no idea how much money you would have to stake to get close to this though, as even £1,000 stakes which are well above what most people would consider betting, would mean a 1,000 points profit. Which is frankly ludicrous.

Elsewhere in the sales material for Arab Betting Club, testimonials try to sell you on smaller numbers like £4,000 per week and £10,000 in 2 weeks. It is worth noting that all of these numbers are entirely without context and unsubstantiated. I also refer back to the lack of proofing for Arab Betting Club.

Conclusion on the Arab Betting Club service

It isn’t very often that I am this blunt about Arab Betting Club, but honestly, it’s just all probably a bit crap isn’t it. I don’t really know what to say or where to start dissecting all of the ridiculous sounding claims that are made.

I think I’ve started trying to write something a number of times now and each ridiculous point that I want to pick up seems overshadowed by yet another ridiculous claim. With that having been said, I will start with the same thing that Arab Betting Club lead with, and that is the profit.

So, £1,000,000 a year through betting. It’s possible, or at least, more realistically, it was possible. When bookies were much less connected you could get away with placing enough bets across a town with runners to avoid getting flagged etc.

It was laborious, but possible. These days, every bookie is watching what you’re doing both online and in shops and if you start to win, you can  guarantee your accounts will be closed down. The idea of getting to £1,000,000 is logistically ludicrous and that’s without going back to the point of how much you would have to stake to make that kind of profit.

Moving on to the idea of a secretive syndicate of Sheikhs sharing successful selections (try saying that 3 times quickly). It sounds plausible, but only because of all of the money that is in the Middle East.

Except, the investment in that area is towards sporting legacy, not monopolising horse racing. Furthermore, can you imagine what would happen to anybody who was leaking how The Queen’s horses were running? It just doesn’t make sense. It sounds good, but I just don’t believe it to be true, and Arab Betting Club provides no evidence whatsoever to make me believe it could be.  

I could keep on going, but the fact of the matter, and I will be factual here, is that I can’t technically disprove the claims made for Arab Betting Club.

What I will say is that on balance of probability, they are likely to be false. What really tips this balance for me is that in researching the so called “Arab Betting Club”, it has come to my attention that the service is actually being offered by a Clickbank vendor who is well known to me for putting out highly questionable tipster services. They follow the same modus operandi of offering huge amounts of profit and low risk, and I haven’t once known any of their products to deliver.

With all of this in mind, I cannot recommend enough giving Arab Betting Club a miss. Whilst it is cheap, if you end up burning through your betting bank (whatever that may be), then you will ultimately lose a lot more than the £26.99 that makes Arab Betting Club seem so enticing.

Ultimately, I don’t believe that this is a genuine tipster service at all, and I feel that strongly about this that I will reiterate that you should really give Arab Betting Club a very wide berth.  

The biggest load of rubbish I have read to date! (one of them at least)…


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