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Arbs2u Review

Arbs2u is a piece of arbitrage betting software created by Francis Smith. It appears to take advantage of the difference between bookmaker and Betfair prices.

What does the product offer?

Arbs2u is a robot that is designed specifically to trade arbitrage betting opportunities on an automated basis. Created by Francis Smith, Arbs2u is claimed to eliminate the need for calculations about staking and constantly checking and comparing prices. As Arbs2u is fully automated, Francis Smith says that it removes all the waiting around for opportunities to arise leaving you to get on with your life. Although a comprehensive list isn’t available of what sports Arbs2u covers, it is suggested that there is a significant variety.

How does the product work?

Although Francis Smith doesn’t go into the details of how Arbs2u works, he says that it has been designed to trade only on the lowers risk arbitrage opportunities. If for some reason the prices that Arbs2u uses suddenly move away, the software comes with a built in stop-loss mechanism that will help to keep your losses to a minimum. Although at the time of writing Arbs2u is rather restricted Francis Smith has plans to make the software compatible with more bookmakers, sports markets etc.

What is the initial investment?

Arbs2u is technically free to start access. Users receive a free £10 to trade with your first use of Arbs2u after which the whole thing is set up on a pay as you go. Obviously because of the method of payment, there is no money back guarantee or refund policy.

What is the rate of return?

This isn’t something that is ever discussed but in the main, arbitrage systems tend to be low risk low yield.


As a product, Arbs2u to seems to be very much in its infancy so I find myself reserving a lot of judgement. This is mainly down to the fact that what Francis Smith is proposing has bags of potential. Of course, this is all dependent on whether Arbs2u will work as advertised. This is almost definitely one to watch.



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