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Article Wings Review

Article Wings is a product provided by Edmund Loh and James Y that provides users with a number of pre written articles.

What does the product offer?

Edmund Loh and James Y are offering 20 of their articles for sale as a pack of 20 articles, mostly relating to making money online. There are also two bonuses in the form of additional articles should Edmund Loh and James Y’s writer have any more time available. There is also a copy of “5 mins CPA” .

How does the product work?

The product is literally the 20 articles. You can then use these for your own blog or website with a view to generating online traffic.

What is the initial investment?

The twenty articles sell for $17 which is 85 cents per article which is a very cheap price for the content.

What is the rate of return?

There is no rate of return on the product as it is content, there is no real way of quantifying or measuring monetary value.


In terms of the product there is only one way to describe it. It’s twenty articles and it is literally that simple. There is very little value in the product in the long term and seems to be a way for Edmund Loh and James Y to spin a quick and easy buck out of the scraps they have lying around. The simple fact is you purchase twenty articles, assuming you use one per day and if you update your blog or website on working days only, you are looking at around a month. But what then? You are still left with the issue of content creation for the next month, and the month after that.

Not only that but whilst Edmund Loh and James Y try to tell you that their articles are search engine friendly and that search engine algorithms will push your website to the front, but there is the issue of this content will be repeated on various websites which instantly devalues your websites in the eyes of Google and the like. It’s so difficult to figure out what exactly the market for Article Wings is. There just doesn’t seem to be any long term benefit to the product.



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