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Auto Bet Engine Review

Auto Bet Engine is a binary options trading product from “Graham Ellis” that claims to offer substantial profits through following their betting tips.

What does the product offer?

Auto Bet Engine claims to offer a combination of automatic trading software that also comes with beta access to Graham Ellis’ personal trade signals. These aren’t for Forex however, but binary options, a method of “trading” that has more in common with betting (perhaps not surprising given the name). Auto Bet Engine is claimed to be easy to use whilst guaranteeing users a substantial profit with very little actual input. Also not surprisingly, in order to gain access to the software and selections, you have to make a deposit through a specific binary broker, in this case VX Markets.

How does the product work?

Graham Ellis claims that Auto Bet Engine is built on the back of his experience trading which by all accounts seems to be rather short. He started out in horse racing and tried various other forms of gambling before trying a binary options product that lost money. After that he says that he decided to figure out trading markets for himself before apparently getting it down well enough to make a consistent profit. If you believe this story, the end result ultimately ended up as Auto Bet Engine.

What is the initial investment?

Auto Bet Engine is technically free to access for 90 days however you do have to make an account through VX markets as mentioned. This will come with a minimum cost, likely around the $250 mark based off prior experience with this kind of binary options product. The software itself is claimed to be valued at $997 per month which will allegedly be charged after the 90 days.

What is the rate of return?

The selling point for Auto Bet Engine is the profit. Graham Ellis says that the system has made him $32,135 over 8 months.


It’s been a while since I looked at a binary options product of this nature but the same methods of marketing are being used. Binary options are an unregulated form of betting on the direction that Forex markets take (and despite what you will hear about them being trades and investing, binary options are essentially just betting). This kind of software is often offered following a very similar pattern of marketing and sales pitching. Basically, Auto Bet Engine serves to earn the marketer an income through referral commissions to the broker (hence the reason you have to make a deposit to get your software). In the case of Auto Bet Engine, the marketer appears to be one Liam Brown of Circle Media, a company with a chequered past. Personally I don’t see anything in Auto Bet Engine that is worth recommending. There is no evidence that it works and the broker is not regulated by the FCA which means that you have no back up if (and likely when) things go wrong.



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I signed up to Auto Bet Engine over the weekend and had a few questions that needed answering but I never got any help, this morning I am unable to sign in to see if its working I just get a fatal error message, also I tried signing in to option ridge where you had to make the deposit, to check my bank or deposit balance, but I also cannot gain access. I requested a new password but the e-mail never came. This looks really suspicious.

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