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Auto Income Bot Review

Auto Income Bot is a piece of binary options trading software by Craig Peters. He claims that the trades picked by his team will ensure that you trade profitably.

What does the product offer?

Auto Income Bot is piece of software created by Craig Peters that he claims will turn around your trading fortunes. Auto Income Bot is claimed to be a fully automated system and that all the effort is made by Craig Peters and his team.

How does the product work?

This is something that isn’t really explored but seems to involve trades being made based on those that the Auto Income Bot team make. Unfortunately there is a distinctive lack of any information available throughout Auto Income Bot.

What is the initial investment?

Craig Peters has made Auto Income Bot available for a one off payment of $69.99 which also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee through ClickSure.

What is the rate of return?

There are two key pieces of evidence available for Auto Income Bot. The firs are several alleged examples of trades detailing profitable trades of $180 a turn. The second is the claim by Craig Peters that Auto Income Bot has made him $800,000 in 2013 alone.


I am not a fan of binary options at the best of times and in the case of Auto Income Bot, Craig Peters doesn’t do enough to convince me that his system will prove profitable. My biggest issue is without a shadow of a doubt the lack of information on what Auto Income Bot is and how it works. I don’t expect a thesis but something is absolutely preferable to the nigh nothing that is on offer. In terms of the profits I remain doubtful that anybody could prove as profitable as Craig Peters.

I base this on the fact that using his own calculator, to make $800,000 a year your would need to start off with around $35,000 initial capital which is beyond the reach of most people. Really there isn’t a lot about Auto Income Bot that I see worthwhile recommending.



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unfortunatelly i have to make a very bad comment on this software.I bought it on02.04.14.I paid 550$ /through cheating of Cherrytrade/and lost 450É until yesterday.when after min.6 attempt tried to get my money back.IT was a concerted achievement of autoincomebot and cherryytrade/mr.peters and mr. Salzer/ Both of companies support never answered my questions and the company which handles mr.peters account also lied.They stated sent back the countervalue of the software on.02.05./within the 60 days/ did not turned up until today.Today i received back 100$ from cherrytrade at last.SCAMMERS,CHEATERS!!

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