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Auto Mobile Code Review

Auto Mobile Code is a product by Giovani Leoni that claims to be able to offer users a way of making money automatically by leveraging mobile phones and tablets.

What does the product offer?

Auto Mobile Code is a web based application that allows users to send SMS messages out directly to a list of subscribers. Users are shown how to get captures of this information as well as a few different templates for capture forms. Giovani Leoni also offers training for Auto Mobile Code as well as a series of webinars in which he arranges for guest speakers to talk about internet marketing and affiliate marketing.

How does the product work?

Whilst Giovani Leoni frequently refers to Auto Mobile Code  as a piece of code that uses other peoples phones and tablets to make money, the reality is somewhat removed. Essentially Auto Mobile Code is a tool that works in a very similar fashion to Aweber or other list building applications. The main difference is that your affiliate marketing is handled via SMS instead of email, namely as text messages allegedly have a higher read rate than emails.

What is the initial investment?

Auto Mobile Code is referred to throughout the promotional video as free but ultimately you will have to pay a one off fee of $49 for access. Giovani Leoni also provides a 60 day money back guarantee for Auto Mobile Code should you be unhappy with the product.

What is the rate of return?

There a massive number of different figures banded about in relation to profits for Auto Mobile Code but the most prevalent claim is making up to 6 figures per day.


If you completely disregard the overly flashy and Americanised promotional video, Auto Mobile Code is actually a reasonable enough product. The theory behind it is pretty sound and there is definitely potential to make this work if you are marketing the correct products. Realistically though Auto Mobile Code opens up a little bit of an oddity and a niche market however despite the claims made, I feel that you will absolutely have to market a very specific type of product to really make money. I feel that this is namely down to the fact that you will be dealing with more casual buyers over SMS. Realistically you will know if you can make this work and if so, there is a lot to like, especially since similar applications are selling for in excess of $1,000.



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From: Simon Roberts