Auto Pounce Review

Auto Pounce is a long standing betting service which is offered by Pouncebet. The service aims to automatically place bets on Betfair’s exchange for users based on certain parameters.

Introduction to Auto Pounce

When it comes to my own money, there are two things that I love to see. Firstly, I love a truly passive income. That is to say, very little pleases me more than making money I don’t have to do anything for. The other thing that I like to have is control over my betting. If I have something that really allows me to engage the best of both those worlds, well, you can be sure that I’m going to be interested.

Enter today’s review subject, Auto Pounce. This is a very interesting option that was recently brought to my attention and really seems to tick the box of a lot of important things. It has a strong pedigree (Pouncebet have been running it for 6 years), a simple yet astute premise, and most importantly, it appears to be profitable.

With this in mind, I am actually quite excited to look at Auto Pounce. It really isn’t very often that I see something that truly manages to stand out from the crowd. With that said, there are always risks that are involved when it comes to automated betting solutions which is ultimately, what this is. None the less, I will be keeping a very open mind about this one, so let’s dive in and see if it can deliver. 

What Does Auto Pounce Offer?

Whilst there are a undoubtedly a number of things that immediately strike me as being quite outstanding when it comes to Auto Pounce, there is one thing more than any other. Put simply, that is… Well, it’s simplicity. The package that Pouncebet have put together here is all incredibly straight forward in the best possible way. And this applies to a lot of elements.

A prime example of this is when it comes to deciding what Auto Pounce is. Sometimes in this line of work it can be very difficult trying to decide what exactly it is that you are dealing with, especially because some of the crappier services out there will try to muddy the waters. As such, the clarity that Pouncebet offer is a pretty good early indicator of quality.

So, what exactly is Auto Pounce? It’s a mobile app that has been designed to quickly and easily place bets on the Betfair exchange for you. This can be done based around multiple strategies (which I will cover soon) and on two different sports. It isn’t very often that I find myself saying this, but it really is that easy.

Whilst I am on the topic of the app, I want to mention something that is quite important. Auto Pounce is available on both iOS and Android. Now if you have an Apple device, this is available directly from the App Store. But if you have an Android based device, you have to directly download this from Pouncebet.  This isn’t difficult and it is all above board (so nothing to worry about there).

Using the app is nice and easy. When a bet has been identified, users simply receive a notification to your phone and you can decide from there whether or not you want to place it. The notifications carry a breakdown of the bets including key numbers so you can quickly and easily make a decision based off your chosen strategy.

Now before I come to the strategies themselves, I do have to touch on some of the limitations of Auto Pounce. You see, the service is set up to exclusively bet on tennis and football. This is quite restrictive, however, it is very much necessary for it to work. I will explore it in much greater detail below, but effectively, you need to have very limited outcomes and a lot of data available.

With that out of the way, we can come to the strategies themselves. Now there are a few different ones, and in order to truly understand them, you have to talk about some of the key elements of Auto Pounce. You see, all of the bets that are identified carry a “PBI” or Pouncebet Index. The higher this number, the more likely it will be that a bet will come in.

As you may expect though, those bets with a higher PBI tend to be less numerous. Just as with any type of betting, the more “golden” the opportunity, the more unlikely that it is. This ultimately comes into play with some of the more advanced strategies.

 Now the strategies themselves are broken down into three categories (which are in turn linked to the costs involved, but I’ll come to that) Basic, Standard, and Expert. The more advanced the category, the more control that you have and in some respects, the lower the risk. 

Your basic strategies are just that. The first of these is a “Bet All” strategy. This is almost like Pouncebet is a tipster service for you. It notifies you of the bet, you place it, and it either wins or loses. It is the most binary example and carries the highest risk. With that said, it is also carries the highest profit potential of Auto Pounce’s strategies.

The other basic strategy is “Bet All With Protection”. This is very similar to the example given above however it is able to cash out a bet once a comeback has occurred. For example, Tennis Player A goes down a set, despite being a strong favourite. Auto Pounce advises you of the bet and you back it. As the odds move, the app will cash out the bet for you ensuring a profit.

From there, you move on to the Standard Strategy. There is only one option here which is the “PBI Filter”. This strategy allows you to set up so you only place bets with a certain PBI. This effectively allows you to better manage your risk. It is noteworthy that this option also allows you to set different criteria for the individual sports.

Next come the Expert Strategies. These allow you the most flexibility. The “Vary By PBI” strategy allows you to vary the stakes based on the PBI. This means that where there is more chance of a bet winning, you can choose to stake more on it. This does a good job of helping to minimise risk and maximise profit somewhat.

The final strategy is a variant on the above one that allows you to blacklist certain bets. For example, a team may be missing a star player that week or a tennis player may be returning from an injury. This ultimately means that you are able to apply human knowledge to strategy which in turn can help to further minimise that risk.   

How Does Auto Pounce Work?

The core premise of Auto Pounce is a very simple one, and I don’t really think that this is a bad thing. Effectively, the app looks at matches whereby there is a strong favourite. The example that Pouncebet give is of Barcelona playing Malaga, with the former starting with odds of 1.18. Let’s say Malaga nab a goal, and let’s say that the odds on Barcelona jump to 1.60. 

From here, the app will then analyse the event. It looks at things like in play statistics, historical statistics, form, team rankings, and a host of other information. Using all of this, a PBI is generated which represents the chances of a result being reversed.

Whilst Pouncebet don’t actually say it, ultimately, Auto Pounce is looking for value in the markets. The key difference lies in the fact that it is based around in play events rather than looking at outsiders who have perhaps been underrated. For my money, this is a welcome thing to see. Whilst value is almost undisputedly the way to go in terms of longer term profits, many value services do still ultimately involve backing outsiders.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are three different packages available which are ultimately reflections of the different strategies that exist. The basic example is priced at £7.99 per month. Whilst this is of course the cheapest option, it does inherently carry the riskier options and has no customisation.

The standard option is marginally more expensive at a cost of £9.99 per month. If I’m completely honest, I think that this is probably where most people should look to come into Auto Pounce (the basic strategies whilst cheap are much more flawed).

Finally, Pouncebet have their expert strategies. These are priced at £14.99 per month. Inevitably, you are paying more for a much more functional experience, however, it is hard to ignore the fact that you are paying more. Personally though, I still don’t see this as being a deal breaker.

On the subject of pricing. A final note here is that all of these are simply on rolling contracts. This means that you can cancel whenever you want, however, there is also no money back guarantee or refund offered either. It is also worth noting that at the time of writing, code “Corona” will give you 2 months for free.

What is the Rate of Return?

There are two key numbers that Pouncebet use to highlight the income potential of Auto Pounce. These are a potential ROI of 249.8% over the course of 2018 with 2019 returning 127.3%. The problem that I have with these claims however is that they are all dependent on using certain strategies.

Realistically, I wouldn’t like to throw my hat into this and talk about how much you can make because as is so often the case with services of this nature, there are simply so many variables. What I do think it is fair to say though is that I do believe that you can make money with Auto Pounce.  

Conclusion for Auto Pounce

Honestly, I can really see the appeal of Auto Pounce. It isn’t necessarily a perfect system, and there are some elements that I would ideally like to see changed., but by and large I think that this is a very solid offering indeed.

First things first, I want to talk about the biggest two elements that appeal to me here. Firstly, and perhaps not surprisingly, there is the cost element. Even at £15 per month, Pouncebet just aren’t asking a huge amount of money for Auto Pounce. Especially not compared to some services out there that offer similar principles.

The other element that I like is that it is all on your phone. In this age of convenience, there is a lot to be said for simply having everything at your fingertips. Ultimately, this makes Auto Pounce seem like a much more flexible option that something that requires a laptop or PC. And that all brings me round to one of my key arguments in favour of Auto Pounce.

All of this shapes up the service to be something that is potentially quite good for those who are towards the start of their betting career. Maybe you’re looking for an inexpensive in to start betting profitably, without much effort? Perhaps you just want to make football and tennis a bit more interesting? The fact is that if you don’t have something more complex (and likely better) than this, it is a very good option.

And that I think is a good time to talk about the other elements of Auto Pounce. Because whilst I really do think that this is a decent enough product. it does come with some limitations. Namely the income potential. Sure, there is clear potential for profit, but how well it will be delivered is a bit of a different thing. Especially compared to other betting systems on the market.

On top of this, I also think that whilst its simplicity is appealing (it is very easy to use and understand), that also limits things a bit. If you haven’t done this sort of thing, it is a real boon being able to understand what is going on. But if you know what you’re doing… Well, it might just seem like it isn’t worth it.

Which brings me to my conclusion here. I think that Auto Pounce is a very good “first” betting system. It has training wheels, it isn’t difficult to understand, and honestly it is pretty hard to get it wrong. But you will be very tied down by an approach to betting which has a lot of restrictions.

If you are looking at those higher number PBI’s, there will be a very limited number of opportunities. And you have to get on them sharpish because the markets will move very quickly. Again, this is all well and good if you don’t really know what you’re doing, but for those who are more confident it will just feel restrictive.

So, if you haven’t done this kind of thing before, you could do much worse. If you have experience with Betfair though, you will likely find more profit and a more interesting system in other options on the market.


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