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Auto Profits Review

Auto Profits is a free piece of binary options trading software by Steve Degraw. In order to gain access you must sign up with LBinary.

What does the product offer?

Auto Profits claims that it is able to generate users a substantial profit simply by following instructions for 60 second trades. The software created by Steve Degraw uses 60 second binary options trades and the selections it makes are sent to a user’s email. In order to gain access to the Auto Profits software you must make use of Steve Degraw’s chosen broker, LBinary.

How does the product work?

The basis of Auto Profits lies in the frankly dubious claim that Steve Degraw was a down and out trader, until he met a reclusive millionaire trader who taught him everything he knew. In terms of tangible evidence there is actually very little available. Auto Profits throws around a few bit of trader terminology but I remain unconvinced.

What is the initial investment?

Technically Auto Profits is a free piece of software but as mentioned earlier in order to gain access you must register and account through LBinary. This will involve a minimum deposit which is likely to be somewhere between $250 and $500.

What is the rate of return?

Although not necessarily explored in any real detail Steve Degraw heavily implies that users can expect to earn $1,000,000 plus using Auto Profits. There are also examples of his “students” making thousands of dollars per day using the tips he sends.


Auto Profits seems to exist first and foremost as a way of getting users to sign up with a specific broker website. This usually allows the marketer to gain a commission for getting you to sign up. There are an ever increasing number of these kinds of products and just like Auto Profits, they come up with lots of enticing aspects (such as the story of Steve Degraw turning his life around after meeting his millionaire) that speak to people and draw them in.

In the cold light of day there is very little evidence that any of these products is capable of generating a profit. It is because of this that I cannot recommend any of them, even with a “free” price tag and Auto Profits is no different.



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From: Simon Roberts