Automated Bets Review

Automated Bets is a brand new to market horse racing tipster service. It is operated by Daniel and Philip Lewis who are supposedly supported by an entire team. The claimed profits are very substantial.

Introduction to Automated Bets

It would seem that one of the more pressing problems when it comes to betting these days is the time and effort involved in placing bets. I mean, I’m really not certain how this has become a problem because it takes a matter of minutes once you are organised and know what you are doing.

None the less, products like Automated Bets are making their way to market that apparently are able to take out this huge inconvenience. This is only one aspect of the service though.

As well as seemingly taking out a step in the betting process, Automated Bets is also claimed to be a massively profitable tipster service in and of itself. Daniel and Philip Lewis claim that their team has been able to produce some very substantial profits in a relatively small space of time (I think, at least. But I will come back to this later), all of this delivered with some large consistency.

If the results can deliver, and with seemingly less work involved, does Automated Bets actually represent a step forward?

What Does Automated Bets Offer?

There is a lot about Automated Bets that I believe is clearly crap, if I am blunt, whilst there are some things which I am less certain about. One of the main things that needs to be discussed is actually what you get.

Automated Bets is referred to a number of times as a piece of software. Daniel and Philip Lewis also makes a number of suggestions to the same effect. Unfortunately, when looking at Automated Bets, it seems more like the “software” selections are delivered to an online dashboard. You log in here and see details of the day’s bets. You do however still have to place them.

In terms of the bets themselves, Automated Bets seems to be very straight forward. From everything that I have seen so far, you will be dealing predominantly with win bets, as well as the occasional each way bet too. I have reason to suspect that this is mostly down to keeping things as simple as possible, and not necessarily for consumers.

Honestly, there I very little that I have seen to suggest that Daniel and Philip Lewis are doing anything particularly exceptional. The volume of bets and the odds that you are backing them at are a long way from exceptional or particularly interesting.

Moving on to the staking plan, Daniel and Philip Lewis don’t actually take any time to pass comment on what you can expect. Realistically, if I were going to follow Automated Bets it would be to level 1 point stakes but that is based on my own opinion.

Honestly, I believe that there is somewhat substantial risk with Automated Bets and that is something that is overlooked (outside of the usual disclaimer which is on almost all Clickbank products). As such, I would be very much inclined to keep stakes minimal.

This leads nicely into the strike rate, or more specifically, a lack thereof. There is plenty of data provided for Automated Bets in graph format etc. but there is no clear claim of a strike rate. Furthermore, it is all historic and on the dashboard. This lack of full proofing also means that it isn’t possible to calculate a strike rate. This is all rather concerning for me and really counts against Automated Bets.  

How Does Automated Bets Work?

Honestly, I have no idea how Automated Bets works and that concerns me. In the sales material, Daniel and Philip Lewis say that once your have activated your software and logged in, you simply “begin using the software and build a consistent profitable bank balance”.

That is literally about all that we are told in terms of what any kind of process involves. This concerns me greatly as the rest of what Daniel and Philip Lewis have to say about how Automated Bets works is equally as questionable in my opinion.

We are told that the software “works by linking with your online bookmaker, pulling specific data from their website”. This data is then ran through a “vigorous algorithm” which process the information and displays results on the dashboard of Automated Bets.

It is also claimed that the software is able to link with the bookmakers API “giving higher performance, reliability and better odds than other software”. This is of course all highly questionable with no evidence backing any of it up.

What is the Initial Investment?

Despite everything that Automated Bets supposedly does, Daniel and Philip Lewis have it set up so that you simply pay a one time activation fee. This is priced at £37 (plus VAT, effectively bringing the cost up to almost £50) which in theory, sounds reasonable enough. It is worth noting that this does come with a full 60 day money back guarantee.

Unfortunately, Daniel and Philip Lewis do fail to mention that this is in place with Automated Bets, however it is backed up by Clickbank who handle the payment.

What is the Rate of Return?

Daniel and Philip Lewis are rather shrewd in so much as they make few claims about what you can actually expect in terms of the income side of Automated Bets. That doesn’t mean however, that there is no information at all. In fact, a look at an example display of the Automated Bets software shows us that there are in fact some very apparent numbers.

These show that has supposedly made anywhere from £1,000 to £2,500 plus per month. Naturally, I am rather cynical of these numbers given their lack of any real evidence or context (i.e. stakes used etc.).

Conclusion on the Automated Bets service

Honestly, I am not entirely certain what Daniel and Philip Lewis were going for with Automated Bets. The execution is a little bit all over of he place and honestly, that doesn’t surprise me a whole lot.

If you read through the sales material for the service, you are effectively told that you are getting a piece of automated software. The reality from what I have seen however is that you are getting a tipster service by another name with Automated Bets.

This is the first, and biggest, indicator that all is not necessarily what it appears to be at first. There are however a number of other things which I find to be highly questionable. Supposedly, the Automated Bets “software” stores results, however in spite of this, Daniel and Philip Lewis don’t ever provide any proofing, something which massively concerns me.

Especially given the results that are implied. The other thing that worries me is that I have seen the name of the Clickbank vendor before on a number of different tipster style products. Perhaps not surprisingly, these are no longer available, something which suggests that Automated Bets may well follow suit in the future.

Honestly, it isn’t even like Automated Bets is that cheap either. I know of genuine products that can genuinely make you money that aren’t much more expensive that what Daniel and Philip Lewis are asking here.

Sure, they might not end up making you the thousands of pounds that it is suggested you will make here, but frankly, I don’t believe that Automated Bets could either. It seems like the only profit that exists here is for the vendor who is selling the service.

Not surprisingly, I cannot recommend enough giving Automated Bets a pretty wider berth.  


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From: Simon Roberts