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Automated Betting Bot Review

Automated Betting Bot is a Betfair betting bot created by Matthew Penn that is built on Betfair’s new API-NG.

What does the product offer?

Automated Betting Bot are two bots, on for backing and one for laying designed to be fully compatible with the new API that Betfair are instigating in November of this year. According to creator Matthew Penn it also makes use of his personal betting system that has produced an alleged 67% strike rate.

How does the product work?

This seems to be a main point of contention with Automated Betting Bot. It doesn’t seem to be a proper Betfair API program as it doesn’t actually require you to register the software with your account, something that is standard with this kind of product. There is also no information about the betting system used either which given the fact Automated Betting Bot makes use of this is a cause for concern.

What is the initial investment?

As mentioned above there are two bots available that sell for £17 each or both can be obtained for £27. As Automated Betting Bot is sold through ClickBank there is an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

There isn’t any mention of the rate of return with Automated Betting Bot. This is rather unusual for a betting system.


There isn’t really anything about Automated Betting Bot worth getting excited about. Matthew Penn seems to be purposely obtuse about Automated Betting Bot and seems to make any attempts to obfuscate any details. The only thing that he is completely open about is the fact that Automated Betting Bot works with Betfair’s API-NG. The main marketing angle seems to be that other bots will be rendered useless by this change (which doesn’t happen for another 10 months I’d hasten to add).

Really this seems like an attempt to cash in and push his bot before the more reputable names are updated properly. Personally this is exactly what I would do, wait. There is a long time before the changeover so I see no need to rush into the first product that fits the bill so to speak.



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