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Automated Tipster Review

Automated Tipster is a piece of software created by Nicholas Firth that collates and analyses tips from a number of services.

What does the product offer?

Automated Tipster is claimed to be able to produce the best tips possible by scanning and analysing other tipsters tips and looking for certain patterns. Nicholas Firth claims that his software will provide you with fully automated selections and an all in one backing system. The software also comes with a full user guide and instructions. Unfortunately there is no really clear proofing available to show the success of Automated Tipster.

How does the product work?

Nicholas Firth claims that Automated Tipster is able to scan through over 100 tipster services to look for tips that show up most frequently whilst disregarding tips that only show up occasionally. He also goes on to say that because these tips are chosen by multiple sources there should be an improved success rate although no strike rate is given.
What is the initial investment?

Nicholas Firth has chosen to make Automated Tipster available for a one off payment of £27 plus VAT if you are in the EU, and this buys you a lifetime subscription. According to Nicholas Firth this is an introductory offer and the cost will go up once 250 copies of Automated Tipster have been sold. As Automated Tipster is sold through ClickBank there is a 60 day money back guarantee on the product.

What is the rate of return?

In terms of a rate of return Automated Tipster can allegedly take you from £5 to over £53,000 in 3 months. It also claims that there will be a minimum of 2.8 points profit each day.


On paper Automated Tipster seems like a dream product and the idea is absolutely a solid one, unfortunately I am left with some doubts about the execution. First of all the claim of turning £5 into £53,000 in 3 months seems frankly ludicrous. This would represent a profit of over 10,000% which is just not a credible number unless there is some obscene staking system in place. Secondly is the way the proofing is presented. If Automated Tipster works as advertised you would expect a simple, well laid out spread sheet but the one provided by Automated Tipster is far from that and appears designed only to obfuscate information.

For these two reasons alone I would personally look to give Automated Tipster a miss, however there are some that may feel that for the price it is worth a punt.



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