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Avon Review MLM

Avon is arguably the most well-known multi level marketing company in the UK and one of the largest in the world with over 6 million sales representatives in total.

The Company

Avon have been around for over 100 years and are well established as both a cosmetics and multi level marketing organisation. Avon market themselves as the company for women (although male distributors are welcome) and a cursory glance at their statistics for the UK back this up. Avon say that one in three women are reached by Avon with 6,000,000 women seeing an Avon brochure every 3 week. This represents huge opportunities for those who are looking to enter into this lucrative market.

The Product

Avon sell a huge variety of their own branded products in the health and beauty sector. These include a range of Avon fragrances, bath and body care, makeup and skin care. These core ranges encompass hundreds of products which you can offer to your prospective clientèle.

How to Apply

Application to become an Avon representative can be handled online or through an existing Avon rep. There are no costs associated with joining until after you have made your first sales at which point there is a £16 charge broken down into £10 for the first order you place and £6 for the second.

Earning Potential

Whilst the precise commission rates that Avon pay aren’t made available, based off research it seems that the figure is typically around 20-25% of an order.


Avon do not pay as well as Mary Kay, a rival company I recently looked at, but they have a huge amount of brand awareness in the UK and in terms of the two, that might be what makes the difference. The fact is that Avon are arguably the largest multi level marketing firm in the UK and there is always potential to push the brand and make a decent income. This is evidenced by the numbers that are involved in running their own Avon business. If you are entirely new to multi level marketing and trying to decide what is right for you I would say that Avon is realistically the starting point.

Whether you choose to get involved with them is up to you but this is a proven model and product time and time again.



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From: Simon Roberts