B-Ball Expert Review

B-Ball Expert is a sports betting tipster service which is being offered by the Pro Betting Club stable of tipsters. As the name implies, the service provides selections for basketball.

Introduction to B-Ball Expert

It honestly always surprises me that basketball isn’t a sport that is tipped more often. It is, after all, one of the most popular sports in the world. And yet, I think that I’ve probably reviewed no more than 5 services in all the time I’ve been doing this. What is interesting about this though is that, as I recall off the top of my head, most of those services ended up being at least somewhat profitable.

This brings me to today’s review, B-Ball Expert. A tipster service that seems to have really compounded on. In 9 months of proofing with Pro Betting Club, there is yet to be a losing month (at the time of writing that is). In and of itself, that is a pretty impressive feat. But what is really outstanding is the amount of profit per month and the consistency with which it has been attained. I’ll talk about this some more later, but to date, no month has made less than 10 points of profit.

Now, you’d expect at this point that I’d simply be singing the praises of B-Ball Expert and recommending it to the world, right? Well, not quite. You see, whilst this is definitely one of the more impressive services I feel like I’ve seen recently, there are a good number of considerations to be made. All things that, unfortunately, Pro Betting Club rather skip over.

What Does B-Ball Expert Offer?

As far as the whole “tipster experience” goes, I think that B-Ball Expert is a pretty typical thing. This applies to the logistical elements especially, with the bets being somewhat different to the norm, simply because you aren’t betting on a “typical” sporting market. And whilst this may not sound like a positive, it actually is somewhat.

So, what does this mean for you as a customer? Well, the selections for B-Ball Expert are issued on a near daily basis. And this really is a near to daily thing. Pro Betting Club’s proofing shows that it is only go to be a very occasional day in which selections won’t be advised. And, as is typical for any tipster service these days, selections are sent out directly via email.

The quality here isn’t necessarily lacking per se, but nor do Pro Betting Club go above and beyond what is expected. You will receive more than enough information to get the bets placed, however, you may be best with this looking to carry out a bit of quick research yourself,. Especially in terms of the odds that you are betting at.

That’s right, once again, I am recommending you try and take advantage of an odds comparison site. But it is with good reason. Whilst there might a few value based bets that carry particularly long odds, most of what you are dealing with when it comes to B-Ball Expert are those much shorter odds. As such, it is very important in my eyes that you are squeezing the most out of your winning bets as possible.

So just how short are we talking with the odds? Well, in the last week of proofing, Pro Betting Club show that B-Ball Expert had just 5 bets at odds higher than 4.0. But even that doesn’t paint a real portrayal. The fact is that most bets advised you will be looking at less than 2.0. Sure, there are some very big priced outsiders.  They have even won, but they are also the exception.

Of course, there are a massive amount of different betting markets that are utilised to achieve these odds. The majority of what you will see is pretty straight forward. Backing a team to win, over/under points markets, and a few more niche examples as well. But basketball betting isn’t an inherently tricky thing.

Where I think that most people will struggle with B-Ball Expert is when you look at the volume of bets. Just one day produced an eyewatering 17 bets. Even on the quieter days, you’re still typically speaking looking at more than 5 bets. Now, aside from the drawdown potential, that can make for a lot of work. It isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, but it is something worth considering that Pro Betting Club unfortunately seem to just skip over.

Now I don’t think that this ultimately has to be a deal breaker. If you look at the wider picture, particularly in terms of the staking plan involved and the strike rate, B-Ball Expert doesn’t actually seem to invite unnecessary risk.

And this brings me to these topics rather nicely. First tings first, I want to talk about that staking plan. Pro Betting Club’s proofing shows that all bets are advised as simple 1 point stakes. This means that at the very least, when you have those big days with loads of bets, you aren’t stretching your betting bank too much.

Of course, you may not necessarily know what kind of betting bank you have to stretch. Because one of the things that Pro Betting Club don’t seem to provide is details of what you will need here. Realistically, I would probably want to have 100 points as a minimum if I were following B-Ball Expert. The longest losing streak so far is 8 bets, but there is always the possibility that this number can end up even higher in the future.

All of this is backed up by the strike rate for B-Ball Expert which sits at around 56% (slightly lower than the 60% that is claimed by Pro Betting Club). Honestly, that is a pretty impressive number and the fact that is a pretty genuine reflection of what to expect makes it especially impressive.

How Does B-Ball Expert Work?

All of this sounds pretty good, but there is one massive thing that really puts me off about B-Ball Expert. And that is the fact that there is simply no tangible information at all about what the selection process entails. Now this is something that is generally pretty typical for products from Pro Betting Club. And it isn’t like there is nothing. We are given some snippets of information.

We are told that the tipster behind the service is “a real PRO”. We are also told that there is a “professional betting approach with a brilliant strategy”. This seemingly includes analysis and research which is something that Pro Betting Club also allude to being a wider part of B-Ball Expert. But unfortunately, this still doesn’t really tell us anything.

The fact of the matter is that coming into B-Ball Expert, there is simply no real way of knowing what you are getting into. Don’t get me wrong, I strongly suspect that there is a solid underlying system somewhere. The results certainly more than suggest that this is the case. The fact is that the consistency and those value bets that crop up (and win) don’t come about from guess work.

As another mitigating factor here, it is worth keeping in mind that there is pretty comprehensive proofing provided for B-Ball Expert. Admittedly, it does rather unfortunately stop at July, but I believe that Pro Betting Club will update this. They are a genuine tipster stable and in my experience with their other services, they have been above board.

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to B-Ball Expert there are two different options that are available. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced at £39.50 per month. Alternatively, there is slightly better value to be had in signing up for B-Ball Expert on a quarterly basis. This is priced at £89.50 per quarter meaning a saving of around £30 which isn’t bad.

What is worth noting is that if you sign up to B-Ball Expert, there is unfortunately no mention of any money back guarantee being in place. Historically, Pro Betting Club haven’t offered anything like this either. As such, I would take this to  mean that it isn’t an option.

What is the Rate of Return?

Between November and July B-Ball Expert has made a profit of £20,831 according to Pro Betting Club. It is noteworthy however that this is based off £100 stakes. This means that you can scale this to 208.31 points. Frankly, that is still a very respectable number.

It means a monthly average of some 23 points. That is a very good number indeed. And whilst it isn’t necessarily reflective of what you can expect month in month out, as I said much earlier, B-Ball Expert hasn’t attained a profit of less than 10 points in a given month since proofing started. On only 2 occasions this monthly figure has been less than 15 points.

On top of this, it is worth noting that the ROI comes in at some 20% (there have been about 1,000 bets and a 200 point profit). Honestly, given the consistency that this has been attained, it is a very impressive number.

Conclusion for B-Ball Expert

 Basketball tipster services are something of a rare beast. And seemingly this is with good reason. Whilst I have seen some solid looking services in my time, quite a lot of them seem to struggle in the longer term. But not all of them. Which begs the biggest question. Where exactly does B-Ball Expert fit into this?

As always, I want to start by addressing the single most important element of B-Ball Expert which is, of course, the profit. 9 straight winning months is impressive. That average monthly profit of 23 points is even more impressive. And I’ll be honest with you, the fact that it is all proofed should bring it home as a solid option.

But there is something that is a little disconcerting about B-Ball Expert. And it isn’t something that I believe is immediately apparent. In fact, even I hadn’t really noticed it until I started to get into my more in depth research (I have a pretty “none typical” way of working). You see, I was looking back at how other basketball tipsters I have reviewed have performed historically. Just to put the results here into context.

They matched up almost exactly with one of the better services that I have looked at before, and that is The Basketball Geek over at Betting Gods. And when I started to dig a little deeper, the tips advised in the proofing were exactly the same.

Now, this could simply be written off as a coincidence, right? After all, how many football tipsters will bet the same way when it comes to two big teams? But here’s the thing with B-Ball Expert and The Basketball Geek. All of their tips are for incredibly niche basketball games.

If you were backing the Lakers to win, that would be one thing. But for both services in the space of one day to both back the exact same 3 bets on Galil Gilboa v Hapoel Holon, two teams from the Israeli Basketball Premier League…. Well, that’s more than coincidence to me.

So, this leaves two possible situations with B-Ball Expert. The first is that The Basketball Geek is tipping through multiple tipster stables. This isn’t unheard of, but I’d be very surprised if he is doing so at the same time. Especially because you’re ultimately dealing with two rival tipster stables.

The alternative is that somebody is simply cloning the tips and claiming them as their own. Either way, honestly, all of that is a bit academic to me. Whatever is happening is between Pro Betting Club and the Betting Gods.

All that I can really look at is what will work for my readers. And if you are looking for a basketball tipster service, The Basketball Geek is cheaper, comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, and I know full well that was all available and above board long before B-Ball Expert landed on my radar.

So, keeping everything in mind, I don’t think that I would really look to recommend B-Ball Expert. In something of a rarity, I can quite literally say that there are like for like alternatives on the market.


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