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B.O.R.N. Night Owl Review

B.O.R.N. Night Owl is a Forex trading bot by The Forex Pros that claims to take advantage of gaps between the major markets to generate profit.

What does the product offer?

B.O.R.N. Night Owl is a downloadable Forex trading bot that uses to Meta Trader platform to allow users to generate profit. The Forex Pros team say that B.O.R.N. Night Owl only trades on a limited number of currencies due to the trading method (something I shall look at later).

How does the product work?

B.O.R.N. Night Owl is designed to take advantage of gaps in trading between the major markets as this is when they are at their most volatile. This is because the major players (e.g. banks etc.) so there is no external influence on prices. This liquidity allows independent traders to make the most money according to The Forex Pros. B.O.R.N. Night Owl automatically trades on the relevant currency pairs during these periods in order to make money.

What is the initial investment?

B.O.R.N. Night Owl is available for a one of payment of $60 and is sold through ClickBank. This means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place should you be unhappy with the product.

What is the rate of return?

Since 2009 B.O.R.N. Night Owl claims an average account increase of 1484%. This does include and alleged increase of almost 6200% in the first year. According to an entirely unsubstantiated report on the B.O.R.N. Night Owl website the system went from 10,000 units (the currency isn’t shown) to a staggering 107,810.291.


The trading method that B.O.R.N. Night Owl uses is well known and definitely has some potential. The biggest issue here is regarding the alleged profits. There is always a little play in the amounts that marketers come up with but to claim that $10,000 could be increased 10,000 fold is a step too far.

For those who are interested there is very little to lose in paper trading and comparing results, especially given the money back guarantee, but for me personally I would look elsewhere.



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From: Simon Roberts