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Back the Best Review

Back the Best is a horse racing tipster service operated by a pair of tipsters that specialise in providing selections for flat horse racing.

What does the product offer?

Back the Best selections are sent out when available directly to subscribers via email with the aim being to notify of selections the night before. The tipsters behind Back the Best say that because they operate a selective service the number of selections will vary from no runners all the way up to 3 or 4 selections on a day. Back the Best makes use of a simple staking plan with bets being advised as 2 point win or 1 point each way with 1 point recommended at 1.5% of your bank.

How does the product work?

Although the selection process isn’t detailed it appears that there is a strong emphasis on understanding and analysis of form and statistics. This is evidenced in the fact that the tipsters behind Back the Best say that they don’t have, nor are they reliant on stable connections or insider information.

What is the initial investment?

Back the Best comes with a free one month trial after which subscriptions are monthly, 6 monthly or annually. These come in at £40, £195 and £300 respectively. There is not money back guarantee in place however if you cancel and are owed time on one of the longer subscriptions you can claim the difference back.

What is the rate of return?

The tipsters behind Back the Best have not published a summary of their results and with good reason. Between January and October of this year the majority of months have been losing months. Ultimately, Back the Best is possibly in a slight profit but it seems unlikely to cover much more than your subscription costs.


Horse racing tipster services are a competitive market and I feel that you need to be able to consistently win, or win huge amounts when you do win. Back the Best unfortunately hasn’t achieved either of these things so far this year. This is definitely a point of concern for me as this isn’t a cheap service with the costs involved being at the top end of the market. This combination of factors leads me to recommend looking elsewhere for a horse racing tipster service.



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From: Simon Roberts