Back2Back Winners Review

Back2Back Winners is a new to market tipster service which is operated by an unnamed tipster. They claim to provide some unbelievable profits.

Introduction to Back2Back Winners

It has been rather difficult for me to know where to start with Back2Back Winners. I will be really blunt here and say that there is just so much crap spouted here that it is almost impossible to find a jumping off point. None the less, I can say that if the service can get even the smallest percentage of that income, then you are onto a winner.

Here’s the thing, there are some massive claims made. And if you believe the tipster who is behind the service, then there isn’t really all that much risk involved. You are, after all, supposedly dealing with a tipster who claims to have a particularly strong background in betting.

The truth of the matter is that all of this is highly questionable though. So, with that in mind, I am quite eager to see just what is what here. I would love to find some shreds of truth. As such, I am going to try and keep my cynicism to one side a little bit and see if there are actually any positives to Back2Back Winners.

What Does Back2Back Winners Offer?

So, what do you actually get here? That is the million dollar question because the sales material, whilst lengthy and incredibly self serving, is not particularly informative. None the less, I can tell you some things about the service and what you can expect.

Back2Back Winners is actually pretty straight forward. The tipster behind it is keen to sell it all as something new and exciting and big, but it isn’t. As somebody who has spent a long time looking at betting systems, tipster services, and all manner of things in between, the most interesting thing here is the copy.

What this means is that you can expect to receive selections on a near daily basis. These are, as you would expect, sent directly to subscribers. These are usually sent out before 9am which at least gives you time to place your bets. Whether or not that is a wise decision remains to be seen.

Honestly, the quality of these emails is pretty lacking to say the least. You receive bare bones information and whilst there is enough to get bets placed, I feel like you will struggle getting the odds that the tipster behind Back2Back Winners claims to have gotten. With that in mind, something like Oddschecker will help.

In terms of the bets, all of the bets that you place are advised to be backed on an each way basis. The tipster behind Back2Back Winners talks a lot about how great this is because a horse only has to place in order for a bet to “win”, however rather concerningly, he does skip over how that impacts the odds that you win at.

Talking of those odds, even for a service that is based around each way betting, there tends to be a favourite towards longer shots. The sales material boasts of betting on horses that “represent amazing value sometimes with odds as high as 25/1!”. Realistically though, you are looking at much lower odds than this.

Finally, I want to touch on the volume of bets that you will be backing. Honestly, Back2Back Winners is pretty low volume. At most, you can expect to back 5 horses. This is particularly interesting when you factor in the kind of results that we are told you can get, and compare them to the profit potential. The numbers don’t really seem to add up, and that is concerning.

Now we come to the staking plan. This is an interesting one for me because the tipster behind Back2Back Winners is quick to disparage “the typical “tipster” or should I say “Scam artists” trap”, which involved betting at level stakes to win. A travesty, surely? So, what genius plan is involved here?

Well, it’s also betting to level stakes… It’s just that… Somehow betting it on each way bets makes it a much better proposition. There is also a lot to be said about how much you should supposedly stake in terms of “pounds and pence”, but I’ll come back to that a little later on.

Unfortunately, there is no information provided about what kind of betting bank you will need. My default position is that 100 points should be enough to cover most tipster services. If you were inclined to follow Back2Back Winners though, I would recommended higher than this. Not because of the approach of the service, so much as, the service itself.

 Lastly, there is the strike rate that I want to discuss. Now, the tipster behind Back2Back Winners doesn’t actually make any specific claims in this regard. Sure, we’re told that other tipsters claim a 90%+ win rates “and not showing their losing bets. It’s sad and pathetic” (I really want you to remember this statement), and that backing win bets would mean losing more often.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any real proofing either. What we are given though are five days of tips that were supposedly advised (conveniently before the service launched). This is despite the tipster behind Back2Back Winners supposedly being involved in betting for some time.

We are told that he has had 2 losing months in the last year, so there should be plenty of results to proof. But we aren’t given access to them. Almost as if something not being shown perhaps? And of those bets that are shown, you have 1 losing bet in 8. That makes for a strike rate of 87.5%. Sure, it isn’t quite 90%+, but it is definitely very close.

How Does Back2Back Winners Work?

When it comes to how Back2Back Winners actually works, there is both a decent amount of information, and at the same time, very little. I want to start by talking about what we are told. The tipster behind the service claims that he used to work as the Director of Integrity Services at the British Horse Racing Authority.

From here, we are told that whilst working in this position, he came to the realisation that race stewards (who are in charge of selecting which horses will be tested) are an “unscrupulous bunch accepting bribes so that certain horses can avoid the anti-doping tests”. This is one hell of a claim. Naturally, it isn’t really backed up by anything.

All of that is very interesting (and likely untrue), but you don’t have to be particularly astute to notice that this doesn’t really tell you anything about how the tipster behind Back2Back Winners finds his winning bets. Instead, we are simply told that the selections are ones that “I tink [sic] will WIN”. Again, this doesn’t really tell us anything.

In fact, I would go as far as to say that it is concerning that this is the only explanation that somebody who was supposedly so far up in horse racing feels the need to provide. For my money, this combined with the claims about corruption have a clear implication, however it doesn’t seem to have any grounding in reality.  

What is the Initial Investment?

In theory, Back2Back Winners represents a bit of a bargain. We are told that if you want to sign up for the service it is a one time cost of £30. Or £29.99 for a years access. Or £30 for a month. Honestly, the sales material isn’t ever really clear. It is only when you come to the sales page for Clickbank and see the actual price £30 for a year long membership.

It is worth noting that because Back2Back Winners is being sold through Clickbank, there is a full 60 day money back guarantee. To be fair to the tipster behind the service, this is pretty well advertised on the sales material.

What is the Rate of Return?

According to the sales material for Back2Back Winners, you can make an incredibly impressive profit of £43,378 per month to £100 stakes. That comes in at more than half a million pounds in a year. This is of course the big draw of the service. What I don’t believe that it is, is in any way believable.

That would amount to 433.78 points of profit per month. More than a good tipster service makes in a year. We are also told that this number represents an ROI of 19%. This means that using ball park figures, you would have to stake in excess of £200,000 in order to get this kind of number.

This simply isn’t compatible with the idea that you can make this kind of money using £100 stakes and betting on even the maximum of 5 bets per day. In actual fact, £100 on 5 bets per day for 365 days a year would mean at most £180,000. This simply doesn’t add up with that ROI.

Conclusion for Back2Back Winners

First of all, I want to make it perfectly clear that despite my best efforts to see something good in Back2Back Winners, it just isn’t there. Those claims are just bloody ridiculous and there is simply put, no evidence to back any of them up.

This starts with the ludicrous claims of the tipster behind the service holding the position of Director of Integrity. Now I will admit, this is the kind of thing that you can’t really disprove, but on balance of probability, it seems unlikely. I mean, if I were tasked to deal with integrity and horse racing were that corrupt. Well, I’d go about putting a stop to it all.

What I wouldn’t do is decide that it’s unfair to punters, and simply quit to provide a tipster service. Especially when a part of the sales pitch is that he is doing this to help people beat the corrupt industry. Surely you could do more from within, right?

But even putting things like this aside, there are some clear problems. There is no ignoring the fact that actually, we aren’t told anything about the selection process, the numbers are unreal, and again, there is that ever present and massively concerning lack of evidence backing anything up.

All of this is incredibly damning, but the real problem for me comes from something that may not be immediately apparent. You see, I have sort of looked at Back2Back Winners before now. It was released by seemingly the same vendor under a different name (Each Way Winning System) earlier this year.

I actually realised this because of that rather unique claim of the tipster behind the service previously holding the position of Director of Integrity. That just isn’t the kind of BS claim that you forget. Not surprisingly, I saw little value in the service then and that opinion certainly hasn’t changed because of a bit of rebranding.

So, not surprisingly, I really don’t think that I would look to recommend Back2Back Winners. There are a lot of reasons for this, some of which are more obvious than others. But the long and short of it all really comes down to the fact that it is hugely unlikely that you will actually make any money following the service.  


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This is the same spiel as Place2Profit. I paid to join that and never got any emails so couldn’t tell if it was any good or not. Didn’t answer my emails so had to get a refund from Paypal. Then I got an “invite” to Back2Back which came from the Place2Profit email address.

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