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Back2MyPlace Tips Review

Back2MyPlace Tips is an independent premium tipster service operated by an anonymous tipster that utilises multiple strategies to gain the maximum profit possible.

What does Back2MyPlace Tips offer?

Back2MyPlace Tips offers subscribers daily selections for UK and Irish horse racing with NAME putting the focus on long to mid term profits. Selections are sent out to users via email with odds Back2MyPlace Tips recommending using BSP as your odds (although NAME does also say that you can utilise BOG bookmakers as well although there is no guarantee about profits that way). NAME has been very thorough in his research of Back2MyPlace Tips calculating that the highest theoretical losing streak across both strategies is around 110 bets which means that a betting bank of at least 330 points is advised. In terms of the numbers, Back2MyPlace Tips is entirely based on level stakes and whilst the figure doesn’t look great, the strike rates of 10% for Strategy A and 15.1% for Strategy B isn’t terrible.

How does Back2MyPlace Tips work?

NAME says that Back2MyPlace Tips is essentially a statistics based system that is based on “a reasoned and logical approach”. Furthermore, a piece of software is also used to help make selections for Back2MyPlace Tips that represent “exceptional value”. Outside of this there isn’t much said about the selection process which is somewhat disappointing. One of the things that is key to Back2MyPlace Tips however is which of the two strategies you choose to employ. Strategy A doesn’t involve as many bets being placed and also has a lower losing streak (despite a lower overall strike rate). Strategy B on the other hand is made up of almost double the bets however no price filter means that you will have longer losing runs.

What is the initial investment?

Your first month with Back2MyPlace Tips is available at a discounted rate of £20 after which it becomes a subscription based affair at a cost of £45 per month. There is no money back guarantee mentioned and as such I wouldn’t expect anything like this to be in place, however you can cancel your subscription whenever you want.

What is the rate of return?

Since 2008, Back2MyPlace Tips has allegedly made a profit of 1,482 points for Strategy A whilst Strategy B has over doubled this with profits totalling 3,092 points.

Conclusion on Back2MyPlace Tips

NAME clearly refers to Back2MyPlace Tips as a premium service and this is reflected in the price which is a little high for my liking. That having been said there is a lot about the service to like. Unlike some of the larger firms, everything appears to be genuine and transparent  the results fall firmly into the realm of believability. The big questions that remains is one of value and this is a personal preference really.

For me, I would be inclined to look at something a little less expensive and maximise my profits however if you do want something premium then you can definitely do a lot worse.



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From: Simon Roberts