Banker Bets Review

Banker Bets is a sports betting tipster service operated by John Baker. The service covers a number of different sports including American Football and basketball.

What does the product offer?

Banker Bets is a near daily sports betting tipster service that provides near daily selections to subscribers email and  focuses on a number of different sports from across the globe. Creator John Baker says that the emphasis is on American Football, basketball, tennis and football however there may occasionally be other sports. Banker Bets has allegedly produced an astonishing strike rate of 84.86% in the 6 months that it has been operational. Based off a total 337 bets this isn’t a bad figure.

How does the product work?

John Baker says that Banker Bets is based on a low risk system that he claims still yields great results. In order to stop Banker Bets from potentially collapsing (as many systems that favour favourites do), the focus is on extracting the very best odds possible however this does still carry some risk (as I shall explore below). Whilst the selection process isn’t really detailed, John Baker says that it is based on meticulous research.

What is the initial investment?

Banker Bets is available on a monthly, quarterly and annual subscription which come in at £27, £54 and £155 respectively. All options also come with your first month for just £6.75 to trial the service as well as a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

The projection for Banker Bets is currently set at around a 360% ROI for the year. The reality is that over the 6 months Banker Bets has produced a 29.63 point profit that even with 10% compounded staking and using £100 stakes, you would have made £3,882.37 which is some way from the projected results.


Banker Bets isn’t necessarily bad. There is some merit to the system and if you are the kind of bettor that hates losing then the low risk method will be appealing to you. That having been said, it is clear that the betting bank remains easily shaken by a few losses (3 losses in 7 bets wiped out almost £1,200 which was around 20% of the bank using compounded staking). This means that Banker Bets does still carry a risk.



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From: Simon Roberts