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Bankers Exposed Review

Bankers Exposed provides software that it claims can make over 1 million dollars annually. In fact, the creator of the system states he earned over 2.3 million dollars in the last year. He says that he is “making more money now than I’ve ever made in my life”. But is this to be expected for all users?

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The Bankers Exposed system offers software with the supposedly miraculous ability to identify and highlight only profitable trades to you. It does this using their “unique” Volatility Algorithm. This certainly sounds the part and is made to seem even more impressive when the creator talks about how the Volatility Algorithm works. He claims that the algorithm is based on technology utilised by video games and is tailored to the trading market. The most incredible part of all this? His software learns and improves so it gets better the more you use it! How exactly this miracle software implements a rather complex sounding AI is never even hinted at. We are expected to take his word that it works.

Bankers Exposed claim that you will profit in their promotional video offering returns of 70-80% profit on each trade you make. The only investment you need? $4.95 for the software and $100 initial investment. In fact, during the video they show an account two days apart that has jumped from $100 to $6700. Incredulous to say the least, especially when you consider that the video cuts and never shows any real trades happening.

If you are unhappy with the results Bankers Exposed even offer you a full 60 day guarantee that they will provide you with a refund. Of course this is only for the $4.95 purchase price which can still leave you very much out of pocket.

Perhaps the most concerning aspect of Bankers Exposed isn’t in their flashy promotional video where a softly spoken, Middle American voice assures you that his life is perfect since developing this system. It comes in the very small print at the bottom of the page, hidden neatly away and out of direct view. Here Bankers Exposed points out that it cannot actually carry out trades as this can only be carried out by a licensed broker/dealer and that neither Bankers Exposed, nor its affiliates, are actually brokers or dealers. Furthermore the website states within the small print:

“Do not act on this without advice from your investment professional, who will verify what is suitable for your particular needs & circumstances. Failure to seek detailed professional personally tailored advice prior to acting could lead to you acting contrary to your own best interests & could lead to losses of capital”.

The concern this raises is that a system that advertises itself as offering nigh automated trading actually requires and yet recommends the use of a professional trader. This is hardly reassuring to any potential customer.

Bankers Exposed is retailed by ClickBank who are in turn a registered trademark of Click Sales Inc. Click Sales Inc. are located at:

917 S. Lusk Street
Suite 200
Boise Idaho


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