Banned Bets Review – Agora Lifestyles and Gus Kennedy

Banned Bets is a brand new tipster service which is being offered by Gus Kennedy (aka The Billion Dollar Man). It is being sold through Agora Lifestyles and is highly secretive in terms of what is on offer.

Introduction to Banned Bets by Agora Lifestyles, and Gus Kennedy

I don’t typically like to quote too extensively from a service, at least, not in one big chunk But I can’t help but use the following statement, in which Gus Kennedy and Agora Lifestyles draw a comparison between Banned Bets and the following scenario:

banned-bets-review-agoraJust imagine walking into a bank…Holding the cashier up at gun point and getting them to jam-pack a few bags full of crisp £50 notes…Then when the police pull up outside, you don’t sweat it…You simply stroll out, flash your ‘get out of jail’ free card – given to you by the government…And they let you walk away with the cash. They even let you have the money 100% TAX-FREE. Well, that’s exactly what this opportunity is like…

I know that this is lengthy, but my God does it perfectly set the tone for Banned Bets. This is a tipster service which makes some extraordinary claims, and as I often do when this comes up, I will quote Astronomer Carl Sagan “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”. Does Agora Lifestyles deliver? Let’s see.

What Does Banned Bets Offer?

Honestly, sitting down to write what is on offer with Banned Bets is a rather difficult thing to do. This is because I think that it is only fair to not entirely give away what Gus Kennedy is offering. He doesn’t want to talk about it, and I am not here to spoil anybody’s attempts at making money. So if things are vague in places, please stick with me. By the end, I hope to have provided enough information to still allow an impartial judgement.

In terms of what you are actually getting, despite a lot of very flowery talk from Gus Kennedy and slick marketing from Agora Lifestyles, this is a sports betting tipster service. This isn’t explicitly mentioned, however I think the fact that Gus Kennedy is keen to push the fact that he has worked for Bloomberg as a betting analyst opens up the door to talk about the kind of service.

Without going into too much detail, I can also say that whilst you will receive bets on a weekly basis, these will not be every day. This is due to the nature o the sport that you are betting on.

Now, there is a lot that is yet to be determined. I am writing this on the 6th of September (the date that Gus Kennedy says that the Banned Bets window is opens), however the first game of the season isn’t actually until tomorrow.

The markets for this particular betting event are however massively varied and there is a lot of scope for all of them to be employed in order to bet successfully. In fact, I would fully expect them to be. What Banned Bets is based around isn’t quite like anything else outside of America, but (to some degree) its European counterparts are at their most profitable when you aren’t betting on the most obvious markets.

It is important to me to note that Gus Kennedy doesn’t talk at any point about the numbers sides of Banned Bets. This means that you are essentially going in blind in terms of staking plans (potentially I can see this getting quite high give the involvement of Agora Lifestyles) and strike rates.

What is particularly frustrating about this aspect is that Gus Kennedy talks a lot about Banned Bets’s results in terms of pounds and pence. With no idea of how much is staked, how much value is there to a £110 pay out?

How Does Banned Bets Work?

Gus Kennedy says that the betting market that Banned Bets involves is one that is overlooked here in the UK. I am inclined to agree, although it is one that is quickly gaining popularity. What this means for you as a punter is that there is sufficient interest in the sport in question that there is a big market for betting.

It is however still niche enough that Gus Kennedy believes that bookmakers make mistakes when they are valuing up bets for the sport. By following this sport extensively (to the point that Gus Kennedy says that he goes to the US in order to research the market on the ground), it is hypothetically possible to create an edge over the bookies.

What is the Initial Investment?

There is only one option if you wanted to subscribe to Banned Bets and that is to sign up for the service for a full year. This is priced at £97 with payment handled directly via Agora Lifestyles. It is important to note that this is an automatically renewing service, and after the first year has passed, Banned Bets will auto renew at £147 for each year afterwards, up until you cancel.

Once you have initially made payment for your first year, there is a 14 day money back window offered on Banned Bets however you have to go directly through Gus Kennedy and Agora Lifestyles in order to claim this.

What is the Rate of Return?

There are a lot of numbers that are thrown about in terms of the income potential of Banned Bets. These range from casual mention of £110 in a day (as cited before) all the way up to making in excess of £23,000 over the “Banned Bets” period. It is important to note one again that there is no context for these numbers however.

Furthermore, there is no proofing provided or in fact, any real evidence that Gus Kennedy has generated the income claimed.

Conclusion to Banned Bets by Agora Lifestyles, and Gus Kennedy

Despite the secretive nature of Banned Bets, it is a very straight forward thing. Don’t get me wrong, what you are betting on does, I believe, have some stigma in the UK as being dull or for our cousins over the pond. As such, I can see how it might put some potential customers off. I don’t however believe that trying to cover this up the way that Banned Bets does is the answer.

In no small part because there is a consistently growing audience. So much so that franchises from the sport  are already playing some games out in the UK in order to capitalise. There is also talk about a UK franchise being set up or an existing US franchise making the move to the UK.

So why the need for all of the secret marketing? I am of the opinion that this is because the bets that are so avidly pushed as being banned are unlikely to continue to be in the future. I won’t bore you with the details, but gambling in the US is about to become a whole lot bigger, and when it does, the edge that Gus Kennedy talks about is likely to disappear. This may well be why you have to sign up for the year.

Don’t get me wrong, I do think that you will get a year out of Banned Bets. I also think that if you don’t mind paying the price upfront, there is some very good value for money to be had. Moving to the future (and that £147 cost), I am not so convinced that this will work as a service.

Here and now though, if you don’t mind taking a bit of risk and enjoy a punt on things that are a bit different, then this is something to keep in mind.

There is one thing that I want to talk about before I wrap up here though and that is what you can expect from the service.

The numbers cited aren’t really backed up by anything. I can see that there is some profit potential here, but I would be surprised to see people making more than £20,000 over this period. If you can live with that then Banned Bets might be worth your consideration.


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