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Barry’s Betting Tips is a new tipster service which is operated by Barry Walker. He claims that his tips will allow you to generate a pretty substantial profit through betting on multiple betting markets.

Introduction to Barry’s Betting Tips

In my line of work I see a lot of different tipster services that claim to be independent come and go. By and large, most of these are the work of affiliate marketers and have almost nothing to do with real tipsters providing real selections, so much as lining the creators pockets.

The results inevitably end up reflecting this in the long term, and we often end up with a tipster service closing 3 months after launch leaving people not just down on the cost of subscribing, but usually, from following bad tips as well.

barrys-betting-tips-reviewSometimes though, you get something that seems to be genuine, and this may well include Barry’s Betting Tips. There are a number of small things that make me think this, and I want to discuss them a little later.

There are also a few red flags though, and whilst Barry Walker seems genuine, that is something that can easily be faked. So, with a slightly hopeful, but appropriately cynical eye on it, let’s have a look at Barry’s Betting Tips.

What Does Barry’s Betting Tips Offer?

As a tipster service, there is no getting around the fact that Barry Walker doesn’t seem to be breaking any moulds. Barry’s Betting Tips is a daily tipster service from which selections are sent out directly to subscribers.

This typically happens in the morning and affords you time to place your bets. It seems obvious to say, but whilst Barry’s Betting Tips does provide you with advised odds, Oddschecker will definitely help you to get the most out of Barry Walker’s advice.

In terms of the details of the bets, Barry’s Betting Tips is relatively low affair with just a few bets typically advised on a given day. There are however days where you can expect as many as 5 bets. In terms of the bets themselves, predominantly speaking, Barry’s Betting Tips appears to be based around win bets.

There is also the occasional piece of advice to back a horse each way as well. When you look at the range of odds that are recommended, this approach does make sense for Barry’s Betting Tips. It is worth keeping in mind that there is a suggestion that the service will advise horse racing and football bets, however I am yet to see the latter.

There is a staking plan in place for Barry’s Betting Tips and it is a rather interesting affair. Barry Walker says that you are able to start betting with just £10 stakes, however these are quickly compounded and according to the sales material, within 3 months you will be staking £20 per bet.

For the last 6 months of the year, you should supposedly double your stakes to £40 per bet. What is interesting to me is that in the sales material for Barry’s Betting Tips, the idea of doubling your £40 stakes for the last 3 months is dismissed as “The risk v reward becomes too unbalanced”. There is little in the way of evidence for this however.

Finally, I want to talk about the strike rate for Barry’s Betting Tips.  All things considered (the odds and the volume of bets being the most prominent), I wasn’t expecting huge results.

Barry Walker claims however that this number stands at 35.82%, a more than respectable number for a tipster service of this nature. It is worth keeping in mind however that this number is based off a spreadsheet on the Barry’s Betting Tips sales page which supposedly details profit and loss for the year. At no point is there any real proofing provided however (something I would expect given its apparent existence).

How Does Barry’s Betting Tips Work?

The truth of the matter is we aren’t told a whole lot about how selections are found for Barry’s Betting Tips. Barry Walker says that eh has tried a lot of betting systems that “simply do not work”.

He then goes on to say that you should “LEAVE IT TO THE PROS!”. Based off these seemingly slightly oxymoronic statements, Barry Walker then says that he has tried 142 different tipster services of which he has “rooted out the crap” leaving 11 of them now.

The implication here seems to be that Barry’s Betting Tips is providing you with these tips, although it isn’t ever explicitly stated. As such, there is little in the way of tangible information on what the selection process entails. This is definitely a problem for me as there is no other information or context provided. Especially when you consider the fact that there is no proofing provided.

What is the Initial Investment?

There are two options available if you want to sign up to Barry’s Betting Tips. The first of these is a 3 month one which is priced at £29.95 (plus VAT), or alternatively, you can sign up to Barry’s Betting Tips for a whole year.

This is priced at £59.95 (plus VAT) potentially providing a substantial saving. It is worth noting that both options are handled through Clickbank and as such, there is a full 60 day money back guarantee.

What is the Rate of Return?

The headline for Barry’s Betting Tips reads “How I Turned £10 Bets into £9,329 in Just Over 10 Months”. Barry Walker again makes reference to this in the sales material saying that he has made this profit using £10 stakes, however I do believe that this is rather misleading. In no small part, this is because of the staking plan that I mentioned before.

Whilst Barry Walker may have started with £10 stakes, this is not consistent and as such, there is a suggestion that 932.9 points of profit have been made. In reality, this number supposedly stands at 347.1. This is still a respectable number, however I am increasingly cynical about Barry’s Betting Tips as a service.

Conclusion on Barry’s Betting Tips

There is a lot about Barry’s Betting Tips that I don’t like, there are some things which I simply find to be highly questionable. Let’s start with the income potential of the service. For my money, this is massively exaggerated, and this is no accident. Barry Walker talks about using a compound staking plan and there is no reason to misrepresent this fact in your income claims.

Especially considering it is a relatively reasonable looking one at a glance (although I still don’t see adequate explanation as to why you stop at £40 stakes).

Moving on to the… Well frankly, the entire sales pitch. It is simply ludicrous.

I always hate the idea that you can add legitimacy to your own product by simply slating other options, but it doesn’t work that way. In fact, in my experience, those kind of tipster services are the ones that should be avoided. Barry’s Betting Tips doesn’t look like it is going to be the one to break the mould in that regard either.

Even trying really hard to look past all this, the clear implication to me is that Barry Walker is taking his selections from other tipsters. Of course, it isn’t eve explicitly said, or several reasons that I can think of to be honest.

But even if you bite on this and offer the benefit of doubt, what happens if at any point, the tipsters supplying Barry’s Betting Tips stop?

I could continue in this vein but I think I have well justified my position. I can’t see Barry’s Betting Tips working at all and the whole thing appears to be very questionable indeed.

The nail in the coffin for me is offering Barry’s Betting Tips at a conveniently low price, for just longer than the 60 day money back period that you have with Clickbank. This could be construed as a service which is mostly aiming to hold on for 60 days before shutting itself down.

With all of this, I Just can’t bring myself  to recommend Barry’s Betting Tips. Even the fact that it is cheap does not carry nearly enough weight to offset the many obvious flaws.


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