Beat the Competition Review James Croft

Beat the Competition is a horse racing tipster service from James Croft that claims to be able to offer consistent returns to subscribers.

What does the product offer?

According to James Croft, Beat the Competition is a tipster service that is able to “beat the competition 46% of the time”. Quite what this means is never clarified however my best guess would be that this is supposed to be a strike rate. Unfortunately James Croft doesn’t provide any proofing for Beat the Competition so this is only speculative and cannot be verified. In terms of the service, selections are a daily occurrence with Beat the Competition selections typically being sent out before 9.30 am with all staking on a level basis. Whilst it isn’t explicitly stated, it does seem that Beat the Competition will utilise a number of different bet types. Unfortunately there isn’t much more information available as much of the marketing material for Beat the Competition focuses on James Croft’s claim that he has been banned from Betfred for winning too often.

How does the product work?

James Croft says that at the core of Beat the Competition is in depth analysis of the whole field “one by one, horse by horse”. Naturally this doesn’t really tell us anything about the selection process which is something that I personally find rather disappointing. Whilst one wouldn’t expect James Croft to give away the methods behind Beat the Competition, some insight would be appreciated.

What is the initial investment?

As you would expect from a tipster service Beat the Competition is sold on a monthly subscription basis. The first month is sold for £9.95 with all subsequent months costing £19.95 with numbers ‘claimed’ to be limited to just 50 spaces. Surprisingly for a tipster service, Beat the Competition comes with a money back guarantee which is provided for 60 days.

What is the rate of return?

For 2013 (February to December) James Croft claims that Beat the Competition would have generated a profit of 271.79 points. 2014 produced similar results with the service making a total of 288.23 points of profit with just one losing month (-12.74 points). At the time of writing 2015 currently stands at just 13.03 points.


I am rather wary about Beat the Competition for a number of reasons the most prominent of which is the sales method employed. As with tipster services that claim to offer a millionaire lifestyle, I am not entirely sold on James Croft’s claims that he was banned from Betfred for winning too much. Whilst this isn’t unheard of, a lack of what I would consider to be significant evidence is highlighted by my second concern, namely a lack of proofing. With profits claimed back to 2013 I would expect to see something and this is rather conspicuous in its absence. If you are a risk raking type you might wish to pay for a few months and see what sticks (with your back covered for 60 days however I don’t believe there is really any substantial risk) however Beat the Competition is not for me.



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I joined this service on a £9.99 intro fee then £19.99 + vat per month , was highly delighted with the info i received for the first 3 weeks but have not had any emails for the last week even though they have taken the £23 payment for the next month ! no explanation from anyone bit worried i have been ripped off 🙁

Geoffrey Summerbell

I paid for this service 3 days ago and have received nothing. Not happy

i joined this service on a £9.95 intro fee but i have not heard from him since i joined i hope i have not been ripped off too

He lost all races Saturday no word on Sunday until the evening then I get an email saying he’s thinking of putting the price up because of all the new people wanting to join after seeing the results on Saturday I believe the man’s dilussional.

I joined this service on 7/10/16 and up until today there have been 50 selections and 6 winners and one of them was 4-7 and I am showing a loss of 35 points.Mt advice to anyone thinking of joining is don’t

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