Behavioral Binary Sniper Review

Behavioral Binary Sniper is a piece of binary options trading software that the (unnamed) creator claims is able to trade based off “What is happening right now”.

What does the product offer?

Behavioral Binary Sniper is a downloadable piece of software that allegedly is able to generate binary options trading signals based off the market position. The creator of Behavioral Binary Sniper claims that whilst his software isn’t perfect it is able to accurately predict whether market conditions are going to be bullish or bearish and that from this, Behavioral Binary Sniper can advise you on whether to call or put. It is worth noting that Behavioral Binary Sniper does only work with limited currency pairs, primarily those that involved the USD.

How does the product work?

Behavioral Binary Sniper allegedly has its basis in a massive study that the author carried out with over 1000 participants. He did this to see how different traders perceive data based on the length of time that they trade over. From here you can chart the data to apparently decipher how the market will move.

What is the initial investment?

Behavioral Binary Sniper sells for $897 but does come with a 60 day free trial. In order to claim this free trial however you have to make a minimum deposit of $250 through Bee Options, a binary options broker.

What is the rate of return?

Funnily enough the creator of Behavioral Binary Sniper doesn’t ever advertise how much money you can expect to make however he does infer that it will be a considerable amount.


Behavioral Binary Sniper at first glance but a closer look reveals that it uses the same tricks that many binary options products use. The fact that there is a “free” 60 day trial that requires a minimum deposit is rather a low point, especially if (by some miracle) Behavioral Binary Sniper does what it says and you have to pay nearly $900 extra for permanent use. Realistically Behavioral Binary Sniper serves for the creator to gain commission from the broker and if you happen to make money, he gets even more off you creating a real win/win situation for him.

The fact is that despite an interesting and long winded explanation about how Behavioral Binary Sniper works, there is actually very little evidence supplied. This doesn’t bode well in my book and I would recommend avoiding Behavioral Binary Sniper.



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