Best Betting System Bundle Review

What is the product about?

Best Betting System Bundle is a new to market betting system bundle (it’s literally right there in the name) which has been launched by Michael White. He claims that all of the systems included are immensely profitable.

Introduction to Best Betting System Bundle

I have long held the belief that a good betting system is the way to go if you want to take your betting to the next level. Sure, there is a lot to be said for the convenience of a tipster. It’s just easy. But when they are losing, then so are you. And if your tipster won’t change their ways, then it is you who is losing money. Not just losing money, I’d like to add, but paying for the privilege.

Betting systems make you master of your own destiny and what better way to find the right one for you, than to buy 10 of them. Right? Well, that is pretty much what Michael White is banking on with Best Betting System Bundle.  A product that on the surface is an absolute bargain. A complete betting bundle that should theoretically set you up with systems for some of the biggest sporting markets out there. All at “the price of a meal out!”.

At a glance, this feels like the kind of thing that ticks all the boxes. Michael White claims that Best Betting System Bundle is very profitable, it costs barely nothing, and you get a lot of value for money. But do you? Because all of this is only applicable if you are getting quality. And unfortunately, I am not convinced that this is something that is on offer here.

What Does Best Betting System Bundle Offer?

Why have one of something when you can have 10? It’s a pretty good question to ask isn’t it? Especially when it comes to betting systems. And doubly so when it can potentially help you to build a complete portfolio (something that I often talk about).

Which of course leads nicely into Best Betting System Bundle. I’ve already fundamentally covered it, but I’ll just go over things in a bit more detail. Michael White claims that he has brought together 10 of his best betting systems here. Systems that he says he “tried it for [himself] for hundreds of times, analyzed numerous items of feedback from satisfied punters and refined the systems to remove any anomalies”.

This all boils down to an ebook which according to Michael White is “concise” with “nothing important left out and nothing irrelevant included”. He and I would probably disagree on this element of Best Betting System Bundle. Whilst it certainly isn’t as bloated as some betting system products I have looked at, there is still a fair amount of waffle included here.

Don’t get me wrong. It isn’t a deal breaker. Michael White doesn’t talk about how his Grandad let him pick out horses based off names or the jockey silks in the paper. He doesn’t tell stories about cleaning out the bookies with his mates. But I do wish that he wouldn’t misrepresent what Best Betting System Bundle is. It is a theoretically competently put together series of betting systems.

On the subject of which, let’s talk about those betting systems. I don’t intend to dwell on any one for too long so prepare for a quick rundown of what each system entails.

  • Staking Plan and Money Management – Straight off the bat, the first thing Michael White introduces with Best Betting System Bundle isn’t even a betting system. What you are given here is an incredibly basic introduction to staking. There isn’t anything here that you couldn’t find for free elsewhere, and if I’m honest, even then it wouldn’t be the best advice.
  • Laying False Favourites – This is a very straight forward lay betting system that Michael White claims will teach you how to identify false favourites in horse racing, which you can then lay. This element of Best Betting System Bundle is very simplistic. It is something that I can potentially see working on paper, but it isn’t something I would want to rely on for an income.
  • The Nature of the Market – This is a horse racing betting system that teaches you how to use in play betting markets on exchanges. The approach for this system also involves laying short priced losers. As with many of the systems Best Betting System Bundle contains, this is basic stuff.
  • Exploit the Weakness of the Markets – Yet another horse racing system that uses “the nature of the markets” to supposedly create “an Incredible strike rate!”. Once again, this isn’t rocket science. I will borrow Michael White’s statement that there is “No trading involved”, and say that it really isn’t more complex than that.
  • US Horse Racing System No. 1 – Supposedly, this will show you how to play the US Racing Markets on the betting exchange. There is very little to this system and honestly, it feels frustratingly basic.
  • US Horse Racing System No. 2 – This second US horse racing system from Best Betting System Bundle is a bit more interesting than the former. It involves looking at their tracks and following certain patterns that Michael White claims you will see. It involves both backing and laying horses.
  • Greyhound System – Laying False Favourites – Honestly, this just looks like startlingly like the horse racing system. It has just been changed to accommodate greyhound racing. Something that is very unwise in my opinion as the two are very different beasts (pun not intended).
  • Soccer System No. 1 – Back or Lay pre-match and walk away – This is pretty much what it says on the tin. Unfortunately, the fundamentals behind the system are somewhat flawed in my opinion. This is a classic example of something that you can make work on paper, but in reality, relies on identifying false patterns.
  • Soccer System No. 2 – Trade before and during the game to make a green book – A betting system that involves greening up on multiple outcomes. In theory, you should be able to produce a profit no matter what happens with this system.
  • Blackjack System – In amongst all of these sports betting systems, Michael White has considered it wise to include a blackjack system with Best Betting System Bundle. More specifically, the focus here is on exchange blackjack. Like so many systems that I have looked at over the last few months that are similar to this, there is a strong whiff of fallacy to the “logic”.

And that is about everything. I know that it seems like you are getting a lot with Best Betting System Bundle, but I would implore you to consider that none of these systems are particularly strong offerings. There is also no real evidence provided of them working.

How Does Best Betting System Bundle Work?

Talking about how Best Betting System Bundle works is in theory an easy thing to do. I won’t be going into the particulars of any of the individual systems here, but I think that there are some fair statements that I can make.

First things first, it is very apparent to me that the core premise of Best Betting System Bundle is that you are able to bring together multiple systems to ensure that you are maximising your profit. This is something that Michael White mentions a number of times in the sales material.

One of the things that I find to be very interesting about how Best Betting System Bundle supposedly works is something Michael White says in the headline for his service. He talks about analysing data. More specifically, we are told that:

“The more you analyze the better you bet. Analyzing tonnes of past performance data, calculating the effects of internal and external variables’ is not child’s play. If you bet without any strategy and don’t use a professional betting system like The Best Betting System Bundle, your odds of making serious money is one in 4 million!”

This is all well and good, except what Best Betting System Bundle teaches you to do doesn’t really relate to data analysis. All of the systems that are provided are probably best described as “if x then y”. What they aren’t really doing is teaching you anything that will help you to develop your own betting and improve your understanding.

What is the Initial Investment?

According to Michael White, the overall value of Best Betting System Bundle is some $230. This is based off the sum total of the individual systems working out at that. However, Michael White say that you can actually get access for “the cost of a meal out” which actually means £27.02 (when you factor in VAT).

Now Best Betting System Bundle does come with a 60 day money back guarantee. Something that Michael White says is conditional. Now, I am going to quote rather lengthily from the “Return, exchange, and refund of payment” section of the terms and conditions which states:

“no returns are accepted unless you can prove to us that you have tried the systems for 60 days and failed to make a profit within that time frame, the proofing process will entail you to supply detailed shots of your betting accounts plus a detailed account on how you used our systems, including dates and times. Please note that this is a 60 day money back guarantee from the date of purchase, and is only good for those 60 days, after this time period all sales are final.

Excuses such as: I already have this system, or I tried it for a day, and I didn’t like it, or I bought the wrong system, or I don’t understand how it works will not be tolerated and will not be refunded. However we will do our very best to support you through the learning curve and assist you in every way possible to help you make a profit on the betting exchanges using our systems.”

This is all very interesting as it is actually at odds with the fact that Best Betting System Bundle is being sold through Clickbank. Their return policy is much less stringent than Michael White’s, and they also say “Our vendors are not permitted to make any guarantee that conflicts with our return policy”. Honestly, all of this is a massive red flag to me.

What is the Rate of Return?

There are a few important numbers when it comes to the income potential of Best Betting System Bundle. The first one is arguably the more straight forward one. Effectively, Michael White says that the 10 betting systems “make an average of $300-$500 per week “TAX FREE” money with only a couple of hours work every day”.

Elsewhere, we are told that a return on investment of 30% to 45% is “a very reserve[sic]” amount. This would mean that you would be looking at staking between $900 and about $1,200 per week in order to hit the claimed income above. Those are some very big stakes.  

Conclusion for Best Betting System Bundle

I like betting systems. There are some very good examples out there that can demonstrably make you money. And quite a lot of it as well. What I don’t like seeing is a lot of quite naff products being bundled together and sold as a bargain price. Which is what seems to be the case with Best Betting System Bundle.

Honestly, all of the systems look to me to be PLR products. That is, betting systems where you buy the rights to redistribute them. You put your own spin on it, maybe change the name of things, and boom. You have your own product. I would love to be wrong on this, and I would challenge Michael White to demonstrate otherwise, but from what I have seen, this is the case.

Probably not surprisingly, I don’t believe that any of the systems will work for you long term. You might have the odd run where you do well, but I don’t see long term sustainable profits here.

Now those things are problematic in and of themselves, but there are two massive problems that I have with Best Betting System Bundle. Firstly, I don’t like the lack of explanation. Michael White talks about analysing data and I have highlighted the fact that this isn’t really a part of the systems included. That is frustrating and casts a lot of doubt over the service.

Compare this to something decent like the Betfair scalping course that is recommended here, where you get taught what the system is, the principles behind it, live recordings of trades, contact with the system creator… I could go on. The point is that with a betting system like that you are being taught a skill. With Best Betting System Bundle, you just aren’t. You are given simple instructions with flawed logic.

The other thing that concerns me greatly is that money back guarantee. Now I purposefully included that wall of text because it is very important to me that you understand where I am coming from. Because Michael White is offering you a refund, but only where he feels it is justified. And to justify that, you have to spend money on it.

This means that according to Michael White, in order to get your £30 back that you’ve paid for his systems, that don’t work for you, you have to (realistically) spend more than £30 betting. That is incredibly unfair and massively questionable. Especially considering the fact that Clickbank don’t require any of this.

Honestly, it is almost as though you have somebody who is simply trying to avoid paying out refunds no matter what isn’t it? Because reputable betting system creators will happily work with you if a system isn’t for you.

So, with all of that in mind, I cannot think of a single reason why I would recommend Best Betting System Bundle. Not even the fact that you’re paying less than £3 per system can save it here. Well, I say that, but let’s not forget that one of those systems isn’t even that…

The fact of the matter is that the key selling point to this is just that you can seemingly make loads of money without having to spend a lot. If something looks too good to be true, it usually is, and Best Betting System Bundle personifies this quite well. Combine that with some of the shadier looking practices and it is all one big no go.

As well as being a bit of a stinker in and of itself, Best Betting System Bundle just doesn’t hold up in the wider markets. Sure, you might pay more for better betting systems. But I’d rather pay £100 for something that works than £30 for something that doesn’t.


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