Best Value Bets Review Jasper T. Harpoth

Best Value Bets is a new to market sports betting tipster service which is offered by one Jasper T. Harpoth. He claims that his value based approach to football betting can generate consistent profits.

Introduction to Best Value Bets

It seems like every other week there is another tipster service being offered that makes ridiculous claims. The all follow similar templates, say the same things in the same ways, and often come from the same set of Clickbank vendors. So, you can imagine my surprise when something landed on my desk that appears to be a genuine independent sports betting tipster.

Naturally, this got me at least a little bit excited. Especially because the approach that Jasper T. Harpoth takes for Best Value Bets is something that is genuinely quite interesting. I will go into this in detail a little later on, but I will say this here and now. There is at least some potential for a decent profit. Which can be a struggle when it comes to football betting.

All of this seems to be positive so far, however, whilst the approach is undoubtedly interesting. It is also… Well, it’s a little counter intuitive, if I’m honest. As such, I will definitely say that it takes a pretty big leap of faith. Is it one that is worth taking? Let’s jump in (pun entirely intended) and have a look.

What Does Best Value Bets Offer?

Honestly, there isn’t a whole lot about Best Value Bets that is necessarily in line with “the norm”. This is by no stretch of the imagination a bad thing, however, I can say that this is a long way from being something that everybody will want to get involved with. This applies particularly in terms of the methodology and the types of bets you are placing.

I am going to start by talking about the logistics of Best Value Bets. In terms of how Jasper T. Harpoth actually operates the service, things aren’t necessarily what you would expect from a tipster service. Selections are sent out directly via email (which is of course, industry standard).

As a positive, they are issued every evening, typically before 10pm. This means that you have plenty of time to place bets, presuming of course, that there are bets available. On the times when there aren’t bets available, Jasper T. Harpoth does at least provide a notification that this is the case. This is sent out as early as possible.

All of this is of course a very good thing. The content of the emails is all actually pretty good as well. This is the kind of thing that you would expect, but the fact is that Best Value Bets is much better than what you typically see from services that are sold through Clickbank (although I suppose that isn’t the hardest thing to do).

Now we come to the bets. And honestly, this is an area where Best Value Bets starts to become a bit… Well, it can be off putting. The betting markets that you are actually betting on aren’t anything outlandish. Jasper T. Harpoth clearly likes to keep things relatively simple. However, you will categorically not be betting the way that you think you will. Think… Backing Southampton to beat Liverpool. Which of course this season is just crazy, right?

 But it sort of isn’t, at the same time. You see, Jasper T. Harpoth backed that at odds of 12.5. Was the outcome inconceivable? Of course not. And there is clearly some semblance of value to be had there, which is ultimately what Best Value Bets is based around.

And this is why you end up with Levante being tipped to beat Barcelona at 22.00. Now, those odds are a little higher than you would typically see, but there are generally higher odds than you would see from most football tipsters.

The final point that I want to discuss in terms of the bets is that this isn’t a high volume tipster service. Sort of. You see, over the course of February Jasper T. Harpoth has advised (at the time of writing) 47 bets. This works out at around 3 or 4 bets per day. However, these bets have been spread over just 7 betting days. This means that the number is actually closer to 7 bets per betting day.

Given the stakes that are involved, this can potentially get quite pricey. You see, one of the bits of information that you receive in your email is how much to stake on a given bet. This can go as high as 8 points. Now I will say that this is a particularly extreme example, however, the fact remains that the majority of bets involve staking between 2 and 5 points.  

This high stakes approach inevitably carries a lot of risk when you are backing particularly long shots. For example, one day, Jasper T. Harpoth had an 11.2 point winner, which is a great result. However, that day also saw losses across the other bets which mean that some 22 points were lost on the day, meaning an overall loss of around 11 points. That might not sound much, but that is just one day.

Rather interestingly though, the overall strike rate comes in at around 25% for February. This demonstrates to me that there is potential for longer term profit, so long as you are in a position to continually fund Best Value Bets. It is also noteworthy that Jasper T. Harpoth claims that the strike rate longer term has been 34% (although this isn’t actually proofed).

How Does Best Value Bets Work?

By now, I hope it is apparent that there really is a lot about Best Value Bets that is just… well, interesting. The fact of the matter is that there aren’t many products like it on the market, and that also includes how the service works.

So, Jasper T. Harpoth says that all of his selections actually come from a piece of software that he has developed. This software is based on an algorithm that “combines many thousands lines of hard data with a special “Motivation”-formula [sic]”. Now rather unfortunately, we aren’t provided any details whatsoever about what the algorithm actually entails.

What we are told is that the software is designed to find value bets. More specifically, “the most valuable of these value bets”. And this is where the idea of backing teams like Southampton to beat Liverpool comes from. Or Lecce to bear Napoli (which came in at odds of 15.00 and was backed to 4 points).

Combine this with the fact that Jasper T. Harpoth is updating a spreadsheet daily with information of bets and you can start to paint a picture of what to expect. All of this comes together to form a service which is somewhat controversial in my eyes, but definitely has some potential. However, as I will discuss later, there is still that concern about shorter term results. 

What is the Initial Investment?

Jasper T. Harpoth has just one option if you wish to subscribe to Best Value Bets. This is a monthly subscription which is priced at £39.95 per month. We are told that this is a reduction on the “actual” value of £90 per month, but honestly, I see this as being nothing more than a bit of a crude marketing attempt (with my belief being that Jasper T. Harpoth is a genuine tipster, rather than an internet marketer posing as one).

It is also worth noting that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place should you find that Best Value Bets isn’t for you. This is backed up by the fact that Jasper T. Harpoth is selling access to his service through Clickbank. This is also pretty clearly stated in the marketing material.

What is the Rate of Return?

Now we come to the part of Best Value Bets that is probably the most interesting element. And that is the income potential. In the 7 betting days that have been advised, if you stuck to Jasper T. Harpoth’s staking plan, you would be up 100.14 points. That is one hell of a profit for a very short space of time. And as mentioned, I believe that this is all genuine.

In the sales material, Jasper T. Harpoth claims that he makes an average of £1,500 every month. Now I am inclined to take this number with a bit of a pinch of salt if I’m completely honest. I am also not convinced that those very strong initial results are something that is necessarily going to be maintained (but I’ll come back to this a little later).

Conclusion for Best Value Bets

With so many tipster services one the market that seem to be little more than an opportunity to line an internet marketer’s pocket, it is nice to see something that appears to be a genuine service. And I really want to start by giving full credit to Jasper T. Harpoth for that. I would love to see more independent tipsters that are actually capable of delivering something, rather than offering the world for seemingly nothing.

On top of that, you can see that Best Value Bets has a clear potential for profit. After all, 100 points made in just 7 betting days… That is bloody phenomenal. In fact, I would say that honestly, even if Jasper T. Harpoth was only able to deliver a tenth of this with any consistency, it would be well worth looking into.

And that is the question that I really have here. Whether or not these results can be maintained with any kind of consistency. You see, most of the wins that have been proofed (there is potentially an argument to be made that the results go further back than February, but that is all that Jasper T. Harpoth gives us) are relatively small. In fact, with one winner at 56 points and another at 21.6 points, more than three quarters of those results come from just two bets.

Now, it would be naïve of me to dismiss this. It is quite apparent that the main idea here is that you have smaller wins which help to keep your betting bank topped up, whilst those bigger winners are what really elevate the profit. And what you see is a clear example of that happening, but I think it is important to keep that in mind for the future of Best Value Bets.

The fact of the matter is this. What you have here is a tipster service with a moderate amount of risk. The staking plan alone demonstrates this. And you really will have to keep betting in case one of those big wins comes in. However, on a long enough timeline, I feel there is clear profit potential. So, what does all of this mean?

It creates a very strong looking tipster service that won’t necessarily suit everybody. Honestly, I can absolutely see the appeal of Best Value Bets. Jasper T. Harpoth has produced some incredibly strong results and found some exceptional value in football betting. But in order to get the full pay off for this, you have to be disciplined. And you have be willing to keep spending whilst you wait for the wins to come in.

Honestly, what you really have here is a perfectly serviceable football tipster service. I would even go as far as to highlight the fact that if you don’t want to follow that high stakes plan, Best Value Bets has still made a profit to level stakes as well.

All of this means that ultimately, Best Value Bets is worth a serious look. It isn’t like anything else on the market, it has demonstrated itself to be immensely profitable, and honestly, it isn’t that expensive in the grand scheme of things.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t expect to be making 100 points a week like clockwork. That just isn’t viable in my opinion, but as I said, Jasper T. Harpoth doesn’t have to hit those lofty heights to still be a very respectable tipster.


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