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Bet 500 System Review

Bet 500 System is a horse racing betting system by Eddie Lloyd that utilises the advantages of online bookmakers in order to help you bet profitably.

What does the product offer?

Bet 500 System is a betting system that has been developed by ex bookmaker employee Eddie Lloyd. He claims to have developed a unique way of betting on horse racing that allows for consistent profit and “beating the bookies”. Bet 500 System comes as a downloadable guide as well as its own calculator, Result and Mangement sheet as well as full support from Eddie Lloyd and the Betfan team.

How does the product work?

Unfortunately there is no information provided about how Bet 500 System actually works anywhere in the promotional material. Whilst I wouldn’t expect any professional bettor to give away their methods for free I would expect enough to make an informed decision about my purchase, especially given Betfan’s refund policy and the fact that this isn’t a tipster service with proofed results.

What is the initial investment?

Bet 500 System is very reasonably priced with Eddie Lloyd offering his system for a one off payment of £49. There isn’t technically any money back guarantee available with Bet 500 System as it is a Betfan product however they do state that they will review claims on a case by case basis.

What is the rate of return?

Eddie Lloyd says that by using Bet 500 System you can expect to make an extra £500 per month as tax free income.


I would typically be very wary about this kind of thing but as Bet 500 System is sold through Betfan a lot of my fears are alleviated. In the main Betfan’s products are usually pretty good and they are very transparent about performance of tipsters. This leaves me to believe that they wouldn’t stake their reputation on a dodgy horse racing system. Another big positive is the price. Personally I find Betfan products to be rather pricey but Bet 500 System is very competitively priced.

If you are interested in horse racing and fancy gambling on a system (don’t forget there isn’t really any refund policy in place) then this is almost definitely worth a look. The more cautious amongst you however will unlikely find anything to entice you to buy.



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