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Sometimes a headline is all that I need in order to have my interest in a service piqued. This applies almost doubly so when you are on the receiving end of a very present affiliate marketing campaign. So, what is the headline in the case of Bet 6411? “Learn How A Huge Loss Made Me Massive Profits…I Stopped Gambling And Now I Make £6,411 A Month”.

There is quite a lot to unpack there, ranging from Thomas Fells’s abilities as a gambler (a huge loss is something that should always be considered at least somewhat concerning in my book), all the way up to the fact that you can supposedly make in a month what some people would be happy to make per quarter.

The claims made by Bet 6411 are very substantive and as such, I don’t see it as unfair to really scrutinise them. Can Thomas Fells really deliver on his claims, or is Bet 6411 destined to be another questionable flash in the pan? Let’s see.

bet-6411-reviewWhat Does Bet 6411 Offer?

As far as the operational side of things go, Bet 6411 is everything that I have come to expect from any tipster service which does the rounds with the usual affiliates, albeit with a slight twist. What this means for you is that each day, rather than Thomas Fells simply sending you his selections, you receive an email which provides you with “direct access” to a “user-friendly selections web page”.

All that you have to is visit said web page (which appears to be updated mid to late morning) and “copy in” your selections to your preferred bookmaker. The content provided on this member’s page of the Bet 6411 website is very basic.

In terms of the bets that are advised through Bet 6411, it shouldn’t come as any surprise to find that these are very simple and straight forward as well. This is very much a running theme throughout.

Al the bets that I have seen to date have been straight win bets. These have been on somewhat varied odds, however it is clear that Thomas Fells doesn’t favour going too long here. As a service, Bet 6411 is somewhat high volume with most days throwing up between 3 and 7 selections. This can start to add up quite quickly.

Moving on to the numbers side of things, it is worth noting that there is no particular staking plan advised for Bet 6411 (at least that I have seen). This is one of many areas where Thomas Fells seems to simply gloss over or even flat out ignore information that most genuine tipsters would be keen to include.

My advice if you were going to give Bet 6411 the proverbial college try would be a 100 point betting bank with level stakes of 1point. This would in theory provide you with enough of a betting bank to absorb losses whilst minimising exposure.

Those hoping for some information on a strike rate will unfortunately be disappointed here. Truthfully though, this has to be expected from Bet 6411 at this point surely? As well as no claims being made, it is worth noting that Thomas Fells provides no proofing whatsoever from which we can extrapolate data.

This is very disappointing to me as whilst a strike rate isn’t the be all and end all, when you are dealing with distinctly average odds (as you are with Bet 6411), then it can be a strong indicator of what to expect.

How Does Bet 6411 Work?

I always hate when I am reviewing something and most of the answers that I can give are “there isn’t any information provide on this”. I say this because when it comes to how Bet 6411 works, we are fed a cock and bull story, however there is little which is said which makes me believe that this is a genuine service.

Thomas Fells’s story reads a little as followed (albeit massively shortened). After losing £10,000 on a Red/Black spin on roulette (erroneously referred to as having a 50/50 chance of winning.

In fact, in Vegas, the odds of red or black coming in are actually 47.4%), he was distraught. In spite of this massive gambling loss, he bought a book on 150 methods of making money through horse racing, which he then spent time and money applying to UK racing. Fortunately one of these methods worked and is now the basis of Bet 6411.

This method isn’t however discussed in any detail and we are seemingly supposed to simply take his word that such a system exists.

What is the Initial Investment?

I should point out that Thomas Fells is actually offering Bet 6411 as a free product. One the main sales page it says that there are 100 places available for free which you can sign up for without paying. Unfortunately, all of these have coincidentally gone, but you can still get access to Bet 6411.

All Thomas Fells asks is a one time payment of just £37 in order to secure your place. It is worth noting that if you repeatedly decline this offer, you are eventually taken to another page which offers you Bet 6411 at a discounted rate of £27 instead.

Whichever option you go for, it is important to keep in mind that Bet 6411 is not sold through Paypal (as the payment buttons suggest), but Clickbank. This means that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place for Bet 6411. Something that Thomas Fells fails to mention.

What is the Rate of Return?

There is only one rate of return which is stated for Bet 6411 and that is listed in the title. According to Thomas Fells, he claims that you can expect to make £6,411 per month. There is of course no proofing provided to back any of this up, nor is there any real evidence that suggests that this claim is genuine.

Throw in the fact that Thomas Fells doesn’t talk about the stakes that he used in order to generate this income and I treat it with a substantial amount of cynicism.

Conclusion on bet-6411-review

I don’t really know where to begin with Bet 6411. I have started, and then rewritten this a number of times because there are so many negatives that I just couldn’t find a rational starting point. I have however, decided to begin with the headlining claim of £6,411 per month.

As touched upon, there are no mentions of what kind of stakes have been used to achieve this result. Even being generous and saying that Thomas Fells was betting £100 per point (more than most bettors would be comfortable with), this would mean an average monthly profit of 64.1 points.

To put this number into context, I consider a service successful if it were consistently around 30 points per month. Bet 6411 is supposedly more than doubling this. I haven’t seen a genuine service that has achieved this yet, and this isn’t a product that delivers on that.

Secondly, I want to talk about the complete lack of information on how Bet 6411 works. Thomas Fells says that everything is based off a book about making money through horse racing he bought in Las Vegas (after making a ridiculous decision that no disciplined bettor would ever consider. Another point against Bet 6411).

This book is still very much in publication and has received some very negative reviews. Now I can accept that Thomas Fells also says he put his own spin on one of the methods. It seems to me that it would be not unreasonable to explain the basics without giving away his own twist.

Thirdly, there is a complete lack of evidence that Bet 6411 works.

There are so many claims made and none of them are substantiated in any real way. It bears repeating that there is no proofing provided. There are screenshots which supposedly depict Thomas Fells’s betting account with Ladbrokes, but these are highly questionable, as is the screenshot of a none specific bank which shows deposits from Ladbrokes.

The nail in the coffin however isn’t something which I believe most people will have picked up on, and that is the vendor who is selling Bet 6411 through Clickbank.

The name is particularly well known to me for them having released some 6 different services in the last 12 months. Not surprisingly, none of these are still around now and as such, Bet 6411 is more likely than not going to go the same way.

With all of this in mind, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that I can’t really recommend Bet 6411. This is not an unreasonable conclusion to arrive at in the face of the evidence (and lack thereof).

Whilst I can see the appeal of a tipster service at £27, ultimately, you will just be wasting your money here.



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From: Simon Roberts