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Bet Advisor – Achille Piechur Review

Achille Piechur is a tipster under the Bet Advisor umbrella of tipster services that provides subscribers with daily football selections from across the world.

What does the product offer?

Bet Advisor’s Achille Piechur is offering his own specialist football tips to subscribes with a view to making a consistent profit for bettors. Bets are sent out throughout the day and do not follow a rigid structure in this regard. In terms of the bets themselves, Achille Piechur makes most of his selections from across Europe with leagues as varied as the Italian (which he is most successful in) to Germany (where he has unfortunately been much less successful). Across all services Bet Advisor claims that Achille Piechur’s average strike rate is 48% which is based off a little over 450 selections. The kind of bets that you will be backing with Achille Piechur are mostly Match Odds however there may also be bets for various different goals markets as well whilst odds are generally 2.0 and above.

How does Bet Advisor – Achille Piechur work?

Achille Piechur claims that he has his own personal algorithm that he applies to extensive research including obvious factors such as the form of both teams to pre match statements, referees and even the coaches. The data that Achille Piechur says that he refers back to goes all the way back to 1902 and is extensive in nature. Having enjoyed a career in gambling for seven years Achille Piechur suggests that this experience also plays a part in the selection process.

What is the initial investment?

Bet Advisor offer a number of different subscriptions for Achille Piechur ranging from a 1 month subscription for £59 all the way up to 12 months for £399 (there are also 3 and 6 month options available at £139 and £239 respectively). There is no money back guarantee offered by Bet Advisor however if you purchase a 6 month or longer plan then you can swith to another service.

What is the rate of return?

Achille Piechur launched his service in December of 2014 whereby it immediately lost 2 months in a row. Since February however it has turned things around and is showing a pretty solid profit of 4203 points. This sounds somewhat less impressive when you realise that this is based around 100 point stakes. This actually translates to just 42 points “real” profit.

Conclusion on Bet Advisor – Achille Piechur

Achille Piechur clearly knows his stuff and it looks like there is the potential for a pretty solid football tipster service here however this does need qualifying really. The fact is that Bet Advisor have only been running this for a short time and a fair chunk of this was a losing period. Because of the costs involved, this isn’t something that can really afford to happen. With that in mind I would put it on my waiting list with a view to coming back in a few months time and seeing what the form is like then as there are some decent foundations. The fact is though that the profits are not currently good enough to warrant the risk in my book.



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From: Simon Roberts