Bet Evolution Review

Bet Evolution is a new horse racing tipster service which is operated by Matthew Thomas. He claims that all of his tips come from a proprietary piece of software.

Introduction to Bet Evolution

To say that Bet Evolution has been heavily marketed is a bit of an understatement. So much so, that I am inclined to say that by the time I finally got round to looking at the service, my expectations were rather mixed. You see, the results that were being touted were quite extraordinary, however they were all coming via the usual affiliate marketing channels and that is a massive red flag.

A cursory look at the website for Bet Evolution shows some interesting claims including a header which claims that the service is “simply profitable” as well as numerous other soundbites. So much so that there are probably too much to just list here, although I do plan to refer to them throughout this article. So, with a rather interesting offer on the plate, let’s take a look at Bet Evolution.

What Does Bet Evolution Offer?

There are a lot of claims made by Matthew Thomas in terms of what you are getting from Bet Evolution. These range from vague notions such as an “All In One Backing System”, “Worldwide Capabilities” and “Advice In To How The Industry Works Via Direct Email”. I am going to dismiss all of those immediately and focus on the important things.

Bet Evolution is a near daily horse racing tipster service. Unlike a lot of options on the market, selections are made available through a special members area. From here you are free to “Place Your Bets At Any Bookie”.

Bet Evolution ReviewThis is a bit problematic for me and highlights the very clear real reason that Bet Evolution exists. Given that Matthew Thomas says that he sends out bookie recommendations to his subscribers, you would expect to have information on odds and which bookies to look at etc. It goes without saying here that Oddschecker will serve you well if you sign up to Bet Evolution.

Unfortunately, this is not the case at all and the information that we are given is best described as the bare minimum. To give Bet Evolution what little credit I can at this point, bets are straight forward and there shouldn’t be any difficulty getting them placed.

Outside of this, there is a massively disappointing lack of anything really.

There is no staking plan in place for Bet Evolution. There is no proofing. We are told that Matthew Thomas’s selections should win more often than they lose, but there is no real context provided for this. There is no claimed strike rate etc. and frankly, this is rather worrying to me. Especially when you consider that we are told the following:

“Pro Tipster Bringing Only The Most Accurate & Profitable Bets Using Traditional Betting Methods Integrated Into Powerful Selection Software”

The fact of the matter is that any decent tipster will look to provide this in some capacity. Instead, we are simply thrown in by Matthew Thomas and told that his selections are brilliant. Honest Guv’.

How Does Bet Evolution Work?

According to Matthew Thomas, he simply decided to develop the Bet Evolution Programme after “seeking a way to implement [his] personal betting strategy into a quick, easy and efficient software application”. Said application supposedly scans the market using a proprietary piece of “Sportsbook Management Software” which was also created by Matthew Thomas.

This supposedly obtains real time data (although we aren’t ever told from where) which “enables the Bet Evolution Programme to match up all of [his] system values”. It doesn’t read particularly well and nor does it really do anything to provide insight into how Bet Evolution works. This is hugely disappointing although not surprising given what I have seen from the service.

What is the Initial Investment?

There is only one option if you want to subscribe to Bet Evolution. This is a one time payment of £21.99 (plus VAT). This is however only supposedly open to the first 250 subscribers (a claim that I am incredibly sceptical of). Because Matthew Thomas is selling Bet Evolution through Clickbank, this does mean that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee should the service not work out for you.

What is the Rate of Return?

Rather interestingly we are never told what kind of income you can expect from Bet Evolution. We are told that it is a “money spinning machine”. We are also told the following:

“The Bet Evolution will help you achieve your goals, whether it be pay the rent every month or endeavour to purchase a new car or simply free up some cash to enjoy your hobby or spend time with your family.”

All of this sounds great but it is incredibly none committal and for my money, is definitely a red flag. It is also with something of a delightful irony that Matthew Thomas says that he wants us to understand that Bet Evolution is “not essentially a scam”.

Conclusion on Bet Evolution

The sales material for Bet Evolution is incredibly vague and that does not bode well to me. There is plenty of talk about how other services are ripping you off and drawing you into “dreams of being a multi-millionaire” because for my money, Bet Evolution fits entirely into this category.

The simple fact that Matthew Thomas doesn’t have a “huge bank balance in the millions” or “images of cars, boats and extravagant houses” that have been taken from Google searches (both allegations that the sales material for Bet Evolution levels at the competition) does not instantly make it genuine.

In truth, despite the tone which is set by Matthew Thomas in the sales material, Bet Evolution is being sold by a vendor who has a very long history of producing betting products, none of which have been particularly successful. This is a long way from a good indicator and more than everything else, this is what you should take away from Bet Evolution.

Yes, the service is cheap, but if you aren’t paying a lot for something bad, you still have something bad. The fact of the matter is that even if you strip away the history of the vendor who is selling Bet Evolution (which I would recommend doing at your own peril), there is no evidence to suggest that Matthew Thomas’s tips can actually make you money.

That they will work. There is no evidence at all, no proofing. Bluntly, there is nothing that suggest that this is worthwhile investing in and that is my advice. To avoid investing in Bet Evolution at all.


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From: Simon Roberts