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Bet for Gold is a horse racing tipster service which is being offered through the Premium Sports Tipsters stable of tipsters. Selections come courtesy of James Smythe who claims to have produced some hugely impressive profits.

Introduction to Bet for Gold

I feel like in life, there are two main reasons that one bets. For the thrill of it/the entertainment value or to make money. Typically speaking there isn’t a whole lot of overlap between these two. But what about if there was? What if there was a service that provides all of the thrills of big winning bets, but had also made over 1,800 points of profit? That would be a little bit special, right?

It also sounds like it’s almost too good to be true. And yet, this is exactly what I am looking at. Today’s subject, Bet for Gold, is a tipster service that really does seem to be able to deliver on both these fronts. And honestly, if I were narrow minded about these things, I could easily look to wrap things up there. The fact is that James Smythe (the tipster behind the service) is even working with Premium Sports Tipsters, a pretty well known stable of tipsters.

But here’s the thing. I’m not short sighted. I have been involved in this industry to know that sometimes, results aren’t everything. The fact is that as much as James Smythe has made a lot of money through Bet for Gold, this isn’t something that will be for everyone. Potentially, it won’t even be for most people. So, let’s jump straight into it, and see what’s what.

What Does Bet for Gold Offer?

In order to fully understand Bet for Gold, you have to appreciate the fact that everything is based around just one type of bet. The Lucky 15. For those of you who may not be familiar with this, it is a type of accumulator that involves backing just 4 horses but placing 15 bets. These are made up of four singles, six doubles, four trebles, and a four fold accumulator. As James Smythe refers to it “In short, every possible combined bet”.

It is important to start by establishing this because it really does inform so many elements of Bet for Gold as a service. For example, given that you are effectively placing 15 bets per day, this is a pretty low volume tipster service. At least… Sort of.

You see, James Smythe issues just one Lucky 15 per day, however, it is important to keep in mind that you are still placing 15 bets. Admittedly, this doesn’t sound like the most poignant of distinctions. By its very nature, the one Lucky 15 bet is clearly made of 15 bets, but it plays a massive part in a number of things that I will talk about a little later on.

Now, it is worth noting that James Smythe does only issue selections Monday through Saturday. This does of course mean having that regular day off, which is welcome, but it also means that you will be placing six of these bets per week.

Logistically, Premium Sports Tipsters are very much what you would probably expect from a modern tipster service. Selections for Bet for Gold are sent out directly via email and you simply have to place the recommended bet(s). Those elements of James Smythe’s service are all really pretty straight forward.

It is worth noting the fact that whilst you could if you were so inclined, use an odds comparison website for Bet for Gold, I don’t think there is necessarily a pressing need. The fact is that Lucky 15 bets tend to just build up the price as you combine bets. As such, there will be little difference in price from one bookmaker to another. But you should be looking to get BOG wherever possible.

Whilst I’m touching on the subject of the odds, let’s talk about those numbers. Honestly, you could be forgiven for coming into Bet for Gold and thinking that you’re going to see these massive long shot outsiders. That just isn’t the case here. James Smythe has a very clear strategy (that I’ll be touching on shortly) here.

The fact is that when you look at most of the individual horses that are advised, you’re generally dealing with very short odds. What makes a Lucky 15 bet profitable is when everything starts to come together. For context on this, the proofing Premium Sports Tipsters provide for Bet for Gold shows that the longest odds for one horse are just 4/1.  

Now I come to one of the more interesting elements of Bet for Gold, and that is talking about how often you win. When it comes to a Lucky 15 based service, there are a lot of metrics you can use. Here though, James Smythe and Premium Sports Tipsters simply count a bet as a win if lands some profit. And using that, we have a strike rate of a shade over 30%.

That doesn’t sound too bad in paper. But the fact of the matter is that because of the nature of the service, it doesn’t necessarily count for much. And that is because of the drawdown potential of Bet for Gold. Which of course means talking about staking.

You see, James Smythe and Premium Sports Tipsters talk about staking 1 point per bet. That is to say, per bet within the Lucky 15. This means that over the course of a week, you are putting 90 points on the table. And sure, you may have that strike rate, but a small win doesn’t make a dent when you face a complete losing bet (something that has happened 29 times in 238 bets).

So, what kind of betting bank do you need here? Well, for context, between January and March, Bet for Gold was down about 250 points to SP. At the time of writing this, August is showing 152 points down to SP. As such, you’re looking at probably a 300 point betting bank as a minimum in order to sustain the service.  

How Does Bet for Gold Work?

At its core, the premise of Bet for Gold is a very simple one. By using Lucky 15 bets, you are (theoretically) able to rely on smaller wins to keep your betting bank maintained. When those bigger wins come in, they are where your profit really comes from. And this is what happened in the first few months according to the proofing from Premium Sports Tipsters. Unfortunately, this trend hasn’t continued.

This brings me to one of my bigger issues with Bet for Gold, and that is the lack of any information at all about the selection process. All that James Smythe says to use is that he uses “a secret selection strategy that’s bringing me great success”. Elsewhere, the talks about spending time perfecting his strategy. This all sounds good, but you don’t have to be particularly astute to notice the fact that it also doesn’t tell you anything.

Why is this so important though? Well, for me, it boils down to the fact that Bet for Gold is so blatantly based around backing (at least near) favourites. Anybody can pick out 4 low odd horses from a days meetings and put them together into an acca. I’m not saying that is what James Smythe is doing here. But the fact is that with no information or insight into his process, it’s hard not to think the worst.

Honestly, about the best thing that I can say here is that you can at least look at the proofing and get some idea of the ebb and flow of Bet for Gold. It isn’t that much needed insight, but at least you aren’t coming in blind.  

What is the Initial Investment?

If you want to sign up to Bet for Gold, there are three different options available. The first of these is a monthly subscription which is priced at £30 per month. This is the lowest outlay, however it represents the worst value by a country mile.

At the time of writing, there are two “limited time offers” available for Bet for Gold. The first of these gives you access to a quarter of selections (3 months) for the same price as the monthly package. Alternatively, you can spring for 6 months at a cost of just £54.

It is worth noting that all payments for Bet for Gold are directly through Paypal. Combine this with the fact that Premium Sports Tipsters don’t appear to offer any sort of refund or money back guarantee on their products, and you should be pretty sure about your purchase.

What is the Rate of Return?

Had you been in a position to back every bet that James Smythe advised through Bet for Gold to BOG since it launched in September 2019, you would currently be 1,833.34 points up. That is a mind blowing number, so I’ll let it sink in a bit. Honestly, the ROI looks equally as good coming in at 51.57%.

If you were only able to back Bet for Gold to SP, you’d be losing out on around 1,000 points of profit. In the same time frame, James Smythe has managed 877.57 points. Still an impressive profit, but significantly lessened (as is the ROI which drops to 24.69%).

Conclusion for Bet for Gold

Bet for Gold is a very good example of where “the bigger picture” should also be considered. Because on paper, this is a great looking service. And honestly, I really don’t want to detract from what James Smythe has done here. Because the results are very strong. But let’s really take the time to put them into context before we get carried away.

So, first things first, obviously, 1,000 points per year seems good. But how much could you realistically expect to stake here? Don’t forget, you’re talking about 15 points per day. I normally talk about using £10 per point (a reasonable amount for most people), but that’s £900 per week being staked. If you’re winning… Well, that’s great.

But what about this month where you could be as much as £1,500 in the red and it isn’t even over yet? Or the three consecutive months that saw Bet for Gold lose 253 points. That’s fine if the preceding months had seen a profit of over 1,000 points. But not everybody will see that kind of profit before losing money.

And that is the key thing with Bet for Gold really. You have to be very willing to lose money before you make it. Honestly, this doesn’t come as a surprise to me. I’ve looked at other services that use Lucky 15 bets before and there is a very clear pattern every time. Lose lots of money, make lots of money. Somewhere along the line, you hopefully end up in profit.

Which brings me round to the fact that James Smythe doesn’t really talk about his selection process at all. You see, if I am following somebody who I know understands a sport, or how to trade, or how to pick winning horses. Well, I don’t mind putting money into a service because long term, I know that I should profit.

But let’s be honest for a second. That kind of guarantee just doesn’t exist with Bet for Gold. The fact of the matter is that all of the mentions of any strategy are vague and contain no real insight. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that there is some method here. But how much faith should you blindly put into this when you’re potentially two and a half grand down?

I know that I’ve been a bit harsh on Bet for Gold so far, and you’d think that I probably wouldn’t look to recommend the service. And if I’m completely honest, for most people, I don’t think that I would. But just because it isn’t for everybody, it doesn’t mean it isn’t for anybody.

The fact is that at the time of writing this, Bet for Gold just isn’t that expensive. If you wanted to stake £1 per point, you could still make some reasonable money here. And on top of that, you get the added buJames Smythe of the occasional big month. Let’s not forget that as much as I’ve talked about James Smythe losing money on those months, there have been 4 months that have seen more than 200 points of profit.

As such, if you’re looking for a bit of beer money, well, Bet for Gold might be something that is worth your consideration. Having an extra £200 for that “big night out” is a boon. Furthermore, if you’re in a position to simply keep bankrolling losers till you hit a big winner, there is profit to be had here.

The real problem for me is that there is just too much inconsistency.. Is Bet for Gold a bad product? No, I don’t think that it is. But nor do I think it’s necessarily a great product. The worst of it is that with a few tweaks, James Smythe and Premium Sports Tipsters could really mitigate the impact of those losses. Namely, giving you reason to believe that selections aren’t just being pulled out thing air.

Ultimately, Bet for Gold is profitable. And quite substantially so. For some people, that will be enough. And I entirely get that approach. Personally, I have some questions about the long term sustainability of it all. With that in mind, I am going to say that here and now (especially off the back of the losses for August), I wouldn’t recommend it. However, it might be worth keeping an eye on.


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