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Bet Manager Review Phil Benwell

Bet Manager is a product by Phil Benwell that allows users to record and monitor horse racing bets and as a result, track performance.

What does the product offer?

Bet Manager provides a semi-automated solution to people who wish to keep better track of how their various betting systems are currently performing. It is worth noting at this point that Bet Manager is only for horse racing and that it is restricted to track races in the UK, Ireland, US and France. Users can create multiple “profiles” which will allow you to monitor how each service is doing and compare results. As races finish throughout the day, Bet Manager will automatically update your account to show the latest results as well as calculating where a given profile is currently up to. Using the analytics tools that come with Bet Manager you can instantly get an overview of things like winning and losing runs, average odds and the strike rate as well as easy to follow charts that show how that profile is performing.

How does the product work?

Put very crudely, Bet Manager “prettifies” and streamlines the process of managing a betting portfolio. Instead of having different spreadsheets and formulas and macros that you have to use, Bet Manager essentially does all of this for you, ultimately providing an easy on the eye results page. All you have to do is input the information for Bet Manager to use which includes things like the horse that you are betting on, the type of bet and odds.

What is the initial investment?

You can obtain a free 10 day trial for Bet Manager after which the service becomes subscription based and will cost pretty reasonable £10 per month. Because it is sold through Clickbank, Bet Manager also comes with the added peace of mind that comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee.

What is the rate of return?

Due to the nature of Bet Manager, there is no rate of return in place per se. That having been said, there is potential for this to save you money. By allowing you to see what is and isn’t making you money in such a clear fashion, Bet Manager should help you to cut any dead weight from your portfolio if this is needed.


Bet Manager is a solid product with a solid concept. Whilst it is clearly a niche product and will only suit those who have perhaps 3 or 4 betting systems on the go at a time, it is nevertheless a decent tool. The big question that hangs over this for me is that you can with time and effort set up an Excel spreadsheet to do fundamentally the same thing. With this in mind, Bet Manager is very much built on ease of use. If you find that you are not particularly computer literate but still maintain a large portfolio then Bet Manager is something that is worth looking at but despite being a decent product, it is somewhat “out-value-for-moneyed” by the fact that you can get very similar results for free.



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