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Bet Master is a new to market horse racing tipster service which is being offered by Bet Social. Selections come courtesy of one Matt Miller, and his service is one of the most exciting tipster services of 2021.

Introduction to Bet Master

I always like to talk about how there are lots of different measures for the success of a tipster. Whilst I always say that the bottom line is the bottom line, that isn’t quite the be all and end all. I always remember the most profitable tipster service I have ever looked at being one that I categorically wouldn’t have recommended. Because it meant going thousands of points into the red, only to be propelled to thousands of points in the black off the back of one incredibly unlikely winner. What I am getting here is that whilst things simple, there is a lot of nuance.

Sometimes though, you are faced with something where nuance has to go out of the window. Because Bet Master is a tipster service that has achieved something truly bloody incredible. Honestly, I don’t know where to start. Matt Miller has made more profit in 5 months than some tipsters might do in several years. Well, big deal right? We’ve seen this before and usually the service is inflated by big stakes and… Except. No. It isn’t. Bet Social provide full proofing for this and it is all to simple level 1 point stakes.

Well, you might think, there is a ridiculously low strike rate? Nope. Matt Miller is advising loads of tips? Another big fat no. Honestly, I will try and talk about how Bet Master is doing it, but it is really redefining what a tipster service can do. And Bet Social know it. However, as excited as I am about this, I also want to temper that. Because I’ll be honest, the pattern of this industry is striking whilst the iron is hot. But hot iron alone does not make a good shoe, and a lot of them end up falling off. The big question is, is this going to be another one of them?  

What Does Bet Master Offer?

I am going to use the word impressive a lot in this review. I want to be clear from the get-go. Because there is no mistaking the fact that Bet Master is the kind of service that definitely makes an impression. But because it appears to do so much right across the board, there simply aren’t all that many words that are quite right.

Let’s start by talking about the fact that Bet Master is a very simple service. This is a fantastic thing to see. Because whilst I have been following this for a little while (there has been some pre-launch murmurs), I fully expected there to be complications to the service. Bet Social were pushing this a week before it went live saying that it was hugely profitable to 1 point level stakes (all things that are true).

What I wasn’t expecting somehow was a service that was just… Well, as impressively simple as Bet Master. First things first, Matt Miller only bets to win. This of course makes following the service incredibly easy. I don’t think there is a bookie out there that doesn’t take a bet on a horse to win, and even if there were, this also works on Betfair’s exchange. And in fact, Bet Social’s proofing shows that might be where it is at its best.

Now, something that is definitely worth keeping in mind if you want to follow Bet Master is that this isn’t a daily service. In actual fact, Matt Miller is really quite selective. Something that I have always welcomed as a punter. There is little worse in my mind that simply betting for the sake of having a bet on.

With that said, this doesn’t mean that Bet Master is a low volume service either. It isn’t. In actual fact, you’re looking at an average of a little over 50 bets per month. It’s just that where Matt Miller might not have selections for a few days, you may suddenly be staring down the barrel of as many as eight bets. This is something that I know won’t suit everybody, so I wanted to be sure to put it out there. 

In terms of the logistics… Well, Bet Master is quite unique in that it is only proofed to SP and BSP. There is potentially more money to be made betting to BOG. But because this isn’t really necessary, it also only feels like a step that adds complications and more work for yourself. So… Why would you need more than the basics?

Which are of course what Bet Social provide. They send out all of the details that you need to get the bets placed and with the information that you need. Honestly, Bet Master is one of the easiest tipster services that I think I’ve seen for some time for actually using it. Especially if you are looking to leverage Betfair’s start price and have a bot set up.

Something that is incredibly impressive to me is that when a service uses start price (either industry or Betfair) you typically end up taking a hit somewhere on the odds. In the case of Bet Master though, that simply isn’t the case. The average odds to SP are 10.52, meanwhile at BSP they are 13.93. Those are some bloody long odds to be betting on consistently.

With that in mind, you may expect Bet Master to be rather lacking in terms of a strike rate, however, once again Matt Miller disproves conventional understand. The average strike rate in Bet Social’s proofing comes in at 36.36%. Now, this isn’t entirely representative of what you can expect, there is still some deviation. However, the range is between 25% and 41.38%, so it isn’t exactly far off either. 

How Does Bet Master Work?

I don’t think that Matt Miller tells us a huge amount about how Bet Master works. Which is frustrating no matter how good the performance of the system is (I always say that any tipster can get lucky). But that doesn’t mean that we’re coming into it blind either. The information given is probably just about enough. If you squint at it really hard.

You see, all of Bet Master hinges on the statement that Matt Miller has a trading background in financial markets. This might seem somewhat anomalous, but the truth is that there are a lot of tipsters that I have seen make this same (with varying degrees of success I should add). The truth is that one can’t help but feel that there is probably a lot more overlap in finding stocks that hold value and finding horses that hold value.

There seems to be something to this as well. Matt Miller says that Bet Master ultimately utilises his own private handicap ratings using “a similar powerful algorithm I use to evaluate [sic] other markets to create a mathematical [sic] formulae to achieve betting success”. Spelling aside, this is all really in line with what I would expect from a service operated by a city trader. It isn’t as much insight as I’d like, but it’s not bad either.

And of course, there is no forgetting the fact that Bet Social provide some incredibly comprehensive proofing for Bet Master too. All of which, when combined, means that at the very least you have some idea of what you are getting yourself into. Which is of course means that you can make an informed decision about the service. Something that is incredibly important. 

What is the Initial Investment?

There are three different options available if you want to sign up for Bet Master, each of which varies hugely in terms of the value that is available and the initial costs. The lowest outlay comes courtesy of a monthly subscription. This is priced at £39 per month which is about what I would expect to pay for a service.

If you are looking for better value, then the pricing becomes a little bit confusing. You see, Bet Social offer a 6 monthly subscription to Bet Master, as well as a quarterly one. Standard stuff. However, the quarterly subscription ends up being the more expensive option of the two at a cost of £75 every 3 months. This is somewhat offset by the fact that you will pay just £45 for your first 3 months.  Meanwhile, the 6 monthly subscription will cost you £72.

Whichever option you go for, it is worth noting that Bet Social do not typically offer any sort of money back guarantee or refund period. This means that if you want to follow Matt Miller, you should be very confident in the service. 

What is the Rate of Return?

Now we come to the part of Bet Master that is truly outstanding. How much money the service has made. Since January 2021, Bet Master has made a profit of 452.6 points to industry start price. To BSP, this number increases quite significantly to 541.97 points. Those are huge amounts of profit in a short time scale and make no mistake, but what makes them genuinely outstanding is that this has all been achieved using level stakes of 1 point.

For some further context on this, you are looking at an ROI of 176.8% and 211.71%. Huge numbers. Honestly, it is quite difficult to highlight just how exceptional these results are. Bet Master is by far and away one of the best performing services I have ever seen. So much so that even though the last few months have produced profits of about 30 and 40 points, you still consider them to be “less good”. This despite being where most tipsters wish that they were performance wise.

Conclusion for Bet Master

More than anything else, it is incredibly difficult to argue with the results for Bet Master. Whilst there can be lots of different measures for how good a tipster service is (or not as the case may be), but the bottom line is often the bottom line. And your bottom line here looks incredibly good. I cannot stress enough the fact that what Matt Miller and Bet Social are doing here is very results driven.

And why shouldn’t it be? After all, it is by far and away the single most impressive thing that Bet Master has going for it. And this isn’t just on the sense of Matt Miller is making a lot of money (which of course, he is). The fact is that the results here are impressive in a multitude of ways besides just big numbers, and I really want to talk about and explore these properly. 

Firstly, I cannot overstate that Bet Master is based off level 1 point stakes. This is so important for two reasons. It means that the results are all genuine and not inflated, something that is infuriatingly common. More importantly though, it means that attaining the advertised results is actually affordable. You can easily put £10 per bet on Matt Miller’s tips and still make a substantial amount of profit.

On top of that, it is also incredibly impressive that Bet Master has performed the way that it has using a relatively small volume of bets. As well as adding to that lack of expense, it also means that you aren’t ever stretching yourself and your bank too much here. Sure, those odd high volume bets are quite an ask, but I don’t think they’re unreasonable given the historic results.

But the single biggest thing (aside from the profit in general) is that Bet Master performs so much better to BSP. Unfortunately, following a successful tipster through bookies can mean your account being shut down in no time. Honestly, I’d be very surprised if you’d have followed Matt Miller’s selections for those first 3 months through a single bookmaker if that account was still open or unrestricted. But because this is better through Betfair, it opens a lot of doors.

And of course, let’s not forget the fact that all of this is at a cost that is incredibly reasonable. I always consider £40-50 per month to be about standard for a tipster service. Bet Master is coming in under this. If you really want to try it, 3 months of selections for £45 is a steal. If you’re really committed to Bet Master, the fact that 6 months costs less than a full price quarter shows immense value for money to be had here.

So, are there any criticisms here? Honestly, none jump out at me. However, I do think that there are considerations with Bet Master. There can be those incredibly high volume days. Some people may not like that so much. And you can face pretty substantial losing streaks. In fact, at the time of writing, Bet Social’s proofing shows that there hasn’t been a winning bet for 10 days. You do need discipline to follow this really.

But with all of that said, if you are positioned and willing to see this through, I think that Bet Master is one of the most exciting tipster services to land for a while. The simple fact that I found myself thinking “Looks like May is only going to close around 30 points up” speaks volumes. And all of that at a decent price. It’s very hard to see why you wouldn’t want to give this some consideration really.


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