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Bet Nation Sports Betting Review

Bet Nation Sports Betting is a subscription based tipping service covering a multitude of sports provided in conjunction with Bet Kudos.

What does the product offer?

Bet Nation Sports Betting offers daily tips for many different sports from the obvious, such as football and horse racing to the more obscure such as cricket or tennis. The team behind Bet Nation Sports Betting say that it is ideal whether you are “a seasoned pro or an absolute beginner”.

How does the product work?

Bet Nation Sports Betting base their choices around advice from their team of contacts who they claim include famous gamblers, TV pundits, ex bookies and even mathematicians. Furthermore they say that they are “headed by one of the Nations very best gamblers”. This comes together to suggest that the product is a variety of insider information and analysis of statistics and form.

What is the initial investment?

The product retails for £47 for a 28 day period or £94 for 90 days. On top of this would be a betting bank. The creators of Bet Nation Sports Betting say that their stakes are £20 per point so a betting bank of around £1000 would likely be the minimum.

What is the rate of return?

Bet Nation Sports Betting say that they made over £12,600 in 96 days using the system although this isn’t necessarily a true reflection of the winnings.


Above I say that the alleged income isn’t a true reflection of the profitability of the product. If you look in greater detail at Bet Kudos (which has all the profit and losses for their affiliated products available) you can see that Bet Nation Sports Betting has actually operated on a losing streak from June through to October. In their first few months the team behind Bet Nation Sports Betting were indeed wildly successful but they have been unable to keep this momentum moving forward.

When you start to look closely at the losses you realise that they are not inconsequential either. The first month of major losses (June) the losses (based on the £20 stake that Bet Nation Sports Betting claim to use) would have been £688.80 pence, the next month losses would have been as high as £2,640 although in the last 10 days a minor profit of £210 is made. For the month of October the actual loss would have been £1874.40 which is an immense amount of money to lose. Yes, you could argue that the profits earned at the start of the system would compensate and you would still technically be in profit, but people do not want a system whereby they are forced to leave the money they earn in their betting bank because they could be staring down the barrel of losses that are almost £2,000. These loss streaks do not do enough to convince me that this product is worth £7 per month let alone the preposterous amount they are selling it for.



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