Bet on the Winner Review

Bet on the Winner is an independent horse racing tipster service from Charlie Blackman. The service places an emphasis on finding horses that have been undervalued by bookmakers.

What does the product offer?

Bet on the Winner is not surprisingly given the name a win betting service for horse racing across the UK and Ireland. Charlie Blackman has placed a focus on level stakes betting for Bet on the Winner with a view to backing horses that have average odds of between 5/1 and 8/1. Bet on the Winner will provide subscribers with an average of 50-60 selections per month however it is worth noting that Charlie Blackman says that these may not be daily. All of this is based around a strike rate of “over 25%” however there is no proofing to back this up, nor is there a more specific figure.

How does the product work?

The selection process for Bet on the Winner is something that is rather disappointingly not discussed in any real detail. In fact, the closes to an explanation that we get is that Charlie Blackman draws on time allegedly spent as an equities trader and that it requires value and timing. This is the kind of answer that unfortunately doesn’t actually tell you as a consumer anything though.

What is the initial investment?

Bet on the Winner is available on a lifetime subscription only which comes in at a seemingly cheap £24.95 which is a one off payment. Furthermore because it is sold through Clickbank, Bet on the Winner is one of the rare tipster services that offers any money back guarantee (in this case, Clickbank’s usual 60 day affair).

What is the rate of return?

Charlie Blackman claims that Bet on the Winner has made 190.44 points of profit between May and December last year with no losing months. This looks promising but it is worth keeping in mind that this isn’t a proofed service and the only examples of bets that are provided are very clearly cherry picked examples with high returns. Further to this, Bet on the Winner is claimed to currently stand on a 30 point profit for January so far (which puts it in line to smash the allegedly best month where 46.21 points of profit were made). Rather contrary to these figures are claims of £15,000 and a number of betting accounts with thousands of pounds deposited in them.


Whilst I am happy to admit that it is always more difficult for an independent tipster to establish himself compared to some of the larger groups, there are still certain things that one would expect. For example, whilst one wouldn’t expect third party verified proofing, I don’t know of any major bettor who doesn’t at least keep track of their previous results and this is something that should really be released if you are launching a tipster service. I also feel that there is a lot of misleading claims in terms of income that seem to be there mostly to serve as bait to draw you in and the fact is that where this kind of tactic is employed one finds the integrity of the whole product called into question and on a personal level, this is a deal breaker to me.



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From: Simon Roberts