Bet Profit Repeat Review

Bet Profit Repeat is a brand new service which is being marketed by Evan Peterson. He claims to have a unique betting strategy that when combined with his tips, guarantees a profit.

What does Bet Profit Repeat offer?

It is no secret that I love a good headline and Bet Profit Repeat delivers in troves! “Never lose when a winner comes in!”. It’s the kind of comment that you would typically expect to see from a football pundit who has put their foot in their mouth. Both profound sounding, but at the same time so blatantly factual and self evident your head ends up in your hands.

We all know the kind of thing “They’d have won that if they’d just got a couple more goals” and the ilk. Hilarious headline aside, there is a strategy to Bet Profit Repeat and whilst it is interesting, I am somewhat doubtful as to whether or not it can get close to delivering the results claimed in the long run.

So what do you get with Bet Profit Repeat?

At the core, it is a tipster service which is operated by Evan Peterson. I will get to the strategy side of things later on, but what you are really paying for in my book are the selections.

This aspect of things is very much what you would expect. Selections are issued on a daily basis and all that you have to do is place the relevant bets. Unfortunately, this cannot simply be done in the morning. The strategy doesn’t allow for it which brings me to one of the first negatives with Bet Profit Repeat which is that you will be required to bet through the day.

What is exactly is Bet Profit Repeat?

You will typically receive 2 or 3 bets per day and in order to capitalise on Bet Profit Repeat fully, you have to place at least one of them, and potentially all 3. This is based on stakes that change as the betting progresses through the day. Fortunately, all of the bets are very straight forward and you are advised to back them simply as win bets, no matter what the odds involved are.

bet-profit-repat-reviewNow I want to talk about the staking plan and a little bit about the strategy. Bet Profit Repeat is all about compounding in order to maximise your profits. Evan Peterson never uses this word, but that is the fundamental.

Your first bet of the day should always be a level stake (Evan Peterson uses £10 as a starting point). If this bet loses then you have lost your tenner and you carry on with your day. This way, the maximum possible loss over the course of a month is £310. If your horse comes in, you are supposed to immediately place all of your money on the second bet.

This means that if you won £50, your next bet would be that. If you lose it, you have still technically only lost £10. This is repeated in the event of there being a 3rd bet.

Rather unfortunately there is no strike rate provided for Bet Profit Repeat however I can say that a lot more days end up losing your £10 than do win. In fact, in 6 months, there have been around 150 bets which have ultimately lost. This is a considerable figure when compared to the very small number of winning bets. I have not calculated this exactly, but a ball park figure of about 15% seems reasonable.

How does Bet Profit Repeat work?

So, what is the amazing strategy that is behind Bet Profit Repeat? I have already touched on it and arguably given a lot away to be honest. The core idea however is that since you have only ever invested £10 of your money, this is all that you stand to lose. There are two very different camps on this however. If you spend £10 and go £80 up, you are still betting your money. So you have effectively lost £80.

I can however see Evan Peterson’s logic and to be fair to Bet Profit Repeat, when a string of bets come in, the income potential is quite massive given the initial stake.

Rather unfortunately, one of the things that does stand out for me is the fact that there is no information provide about what the selection process for Bet Profit Repeat entails. We are simply supposed to accept that Evan Peterson’s bets are a decent option. I am rather cynical in this department however and with nothing that I would say resembles real evidence, it remains a concern for me.

What is the initial investment?

There is only one option for those who wish to subscribe to Bet Profit Repeat and that is a one time cost of £79.00. I should point out however that this only represents 7 months of selections at the time of writing (the sales material for Bet Profit Repeat talks about getting 8 months worth but given that this has launched at the start of May I strongly disagree with this). This means an effective monthly cost of around £11.50.

It is worth highlighting that there is a full 60 day money back guarantee in place with Bet Profit Repeat. This is backed up by Clickbank who process the payment for the service.

What is the rate of return?

Evan Peterson claims that by following the betting strategy and his selections, Bet Profit Repeat wpill make you an average monthly profit of £624.16. Using £10 stakes, this means that you would effectively be making a very unlikely 62.4 points of profit per month. Spread this average out over the year and you are looking at 800 points over the course of the year, a number which even the best tipster services struggle with. With this in mind, I will believe this kind of result when I see it

Conclusion on Bet Profit Repeat?

There are two key aspects to Bet Profit Repeat that need to be considered as far as I am concerned. The first thing is the method of betting.

There is a lot of potential to call the method flawed, in no small part down to the fact that you are constantly sacrificing wins to pursue a “jackpot” win. This is a very flawed approach to gambling and one which I believe will ultimately end with bad results on a long enough time scale. This isn’t however the end of things though.

The jackpot approach also has a certain appeal. The fact of the matter is this. Not everybody involved in betting is looking to make a consistent profit. For a lot of us, this is the ultimate goal however there are people who bet because the y like the thrill. These people would rather spend £70 per week and lose it with a smile to occasionally get a big win. This isn’t necessarily sustainable but some people just want to be a hero in the pub on a Friday night and this will appeal here.

If there is one massive question mark over Bet Profit Repeat in my book it is the quality of the tips that you are paying for. The strike rate is not great and whilst this isn’t the be all and end all, it does suggest that perhaps Evan Peterson isn’t quite as good at picking tips as they may initially think. This is all a bit subjective though.

If you want real evidence that Bet Profit Repeat is more than questionable however you have to start looking at the back end of things. This is the fourth service to be launched by the vendor in 2 years, all of which have varied wildly in methods however none have demonstrated long term profits.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe that Bet Profit Repeat will really be any different and so whilst I acknowledge that there is an interesting concept in place, I don’t believe that Bet Profit Repeat is a service that will see you really make money.


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how do you know he had 3 products before? is there a way of knowing with this click bank purchases?

MakeMoneyForum Admin

Hello Andrew,

Easy for us to check when we have completed other reviews, and compiled the research we do on so many previous products, and names, etc.



i guys i bought B P R been using it for 3 months its a bust still have 5 months payed subs but he will not respond to my emails or send the tips i paid for . so do not buy from him . jim

He initially responded very quickly to some initial queries I had when I decided to trial the system but then I hit the same problem i.e. didn’t receive any tips for a few days after receiving them daily and no response when I asked what was going on. At which point I got a refund from Clickbank. Was all a little disappointing as I’d found the service in the short time I’d been using it to be very profitable i.e. had £46 in an old Betfair account I used solely for this service and when I finished it was up to £316.

Even more ironically it got to this level after I’d cancelled my subscription, the emails just started arriving again for around another 3-4 weeks afterwards before I guess they caught up with my request for a refund having been granted. I then tried to resubscribe but his page said full so looks like I dodged a bullet if he’s failing to send out tips once more 🙁

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